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Milligan’s residence halls are designed to encourage greater independence as our students progress through their college years.

It’s a place with fun traditions, great athletic programs, and lots to do.Better for both of you to be busy than for one of you to be sitting at home, waiting. Stress kills relationships, and stress is when you’ve promised your boyfriend to go to an art gallery at 2pm, but your PI e-mails you asking if you can come in an hour earlier, or you get an e-mail announcing that the anatomy professor will drop by the lab around 3 to review a confusing topic. My plans with Boyfriend were usually along the lines of, “Art gallery, this weekend.” “Date night, this Friday – at some point after 6pm.” Yes, it means that we’re effectively sacrificing other people or activities at times (by keeping an entire night open for what might only be a 2 hour “date”), but you can’t have it all. This is okay with us, because of #1 – we’re both busy. The fact is, “My girlfriend is always studying and I’m lonely” is not a good reason to cheat. Finally, med school is Some of us act like this without even thinking about it, but it’s not okay.Even now, we still have date night – we just use Skype, synch up a tv show on hulu, and watch it together while eating a qiuck dinner. “There are a lot of hot people in my class”, same deal. There are things out there in the world, as crazy as it seems, that are more stressful and more important than what we go through, and sometimes the other person has to remind us of that.Students soon discover what makes Milligan stand out from other colleges — it’s a Christian community that is genuine and real.We’re not perfect, but we’re a real place, with real people, all learning and serving a real God.But this is just what Boyfriend and I have figured out for ourselves.

You are the significant other of a rare and elusive species known as the Medicalstudentica americanus.

but somehow, dating a Med Student seems totally different from dating other. heart to tell her how horrendously all my dating experiments in med school have turned out.

The point is, if you limit your dating pool to other medical students, you. However, there are certain challenges that come with dating a medical professional..

These are the moments that connect students and alumni, and are never forgotten.

Like any good tradition, there is a story behind every one.

So we require that all students at Milligan live on campus (see “Commuters” below for details and exceptions).

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    These folks have been with the Ministry up to 25 years, they love serving you, and most of all they love our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.