Msnbc feeds not updating

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Msnbc feeds not updating - soran dating

Please submit this information along with any other information about the link by using our technical support form.The RSS feed that is shown on the VS 2008 SP1 Start Page does not seem to have been updated since 2009-02-06 - at least this is the date of the top most item on my start page. linkid=87676&clcid=409 from the Options/Environment/Startup config page into IE shows the same list of articles as the feed reader of Visual Studio. Thanks for your time, The Shell Team Thanks for your feedback.

The team will review this issue and make a decision on whether they will fix it or not for the next release.An informative notice about this action appeared on the third party site and gave the user the opportunity to cancel it, and the user could also cancel it on Facebook.Originally if no action was taken, the information was automatically published.The amount of the video that has been downloaded is indicated by a light gray progress bar above the player controls.I am receiving several email daily from MSNBC News but cannot find a way to unsubscribe. Anyway see -- Robert Sparnaaij [MVP-Outlook] Coauthor, Configuring Microsoft Outlook 2003 Outlook FAQ, How To, Downloads, Add-Ins and more ----- "Buddy" I am having the same issue with MSNBC Headline emails everyday, often many times a day.On slower connections, or in unusual cases on faster connections, where you are in the playback of a video may be running up against the edge of what's been currently downloaded.

When that happens, playback may slow down or become choppy or erratic.A small fraction of the code that displays Facebook web pages was exposed to a small number of users due to a single misconfigured web server that was fixed immediately.It was not a security breach and did not compromise user data in any way.This is not something I have requested and has appeared since I set up my new email account. There is no unsubscribe link and it is not an RSS subscription. There were 107 of them in their own file in Outlook when I discovered they had been coming in for the last two weeks when I set up Outlook. We're a friendly computing community, bustling with knowledgeable members to help solve your tech questions.What are the system requirements for using the video player?