Name a popular television dating show

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Name a popular television dating show - Camtocam videosexchat

The result: Celebrities queued up to be assailed with shaving foam flans, buckets of water and tanks of green gunk.

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It seems probable that whoever the ‘experts’ were that compiled the list, they’re too young to have seen many of the great shows when they were first broadcast.

Perhaps they just watched a bundle of clips on You Tube. It was rumoured that all work came to a stop at No 10 Downing Street when this show was on air.

From Doctor Who to The Sopranos, Steptoe And Son to Only Fools And Horses, Brideshead Revisited to Downton Abbey, they are the shows that have shaped TV.

We’ve grown up loving Eric and Ernie, thrilling to The Avengers and sobbing to Brideshead Revisited.

Without Bruce Forsyth, there would be no Ant and Dec.

The idea was high risk: A live Saturday morning show featuring over-excited children running riot in a studio egged on by adults, including Chris Tarrant.

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The original buddy cops, kicking off a genre that brought us action duos like Bodie and Doyle in The Professionals, and female New York cops Cagney & Lacey.