Nhs medical cards updating

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Any Welsh or Northern Irish prescription form presented for dispensing in Scotland will be dispensed free of charge.Any English prescription form presented for dispensing in Scotland will be charged at the English rate, unless the prescription form is accompanied by an Entitlement Card, confirming the patient is eligible to receive the items free of charge, or the patient qualifies for exemption/remission of charges as listed in Regulation 4 of the NHS (Free Prescriptions and Charges for Drugs and Appliances)(Scotland) Regulations 2011 or The National Health Service (Charges for Drugs and Appliances) Regulations 2000 as amended.

After the form has been completed send the form into the appropriate Practitioner Services Exemption Department in the Medical Contacts Details section. Just wondering if anyone had experience of this I have changed my name and got new driving license, passport etc.Needed to see the doctor and phone up and tried to get an appointment, after a long pause she said "are you registered here, you are not known to us?If you suffer from certain medical conditions you are entitled to free NHS prescriptions throughout the UK.A Medical Exemption Certificate is the document that provides proof of entitlement to free NHS prescriptions throughout the UK.I asked reception how I change it and they said they don't know.

Was just thinking that it must be important to change, as if I'm in any kind of accident etc, when they take ID out of my wallet it would all be my new name - and that won't be linked up to any records of what I'm allergic to etc. I'm also registered at 2 (uni and home) so would need to change both (even uni haven't changed my name, and my uni records are updated).

I got a new EHIC card to match the new passport so assumed it had been done on the NHS side of things, but apparently not!

The National Health Service (NHS) issues residents an NHS card, which details their name, address, the doctor with whom they're registered and their unique NHS number.

Maternity Exemption Certificates will be required to verify a patient's entitlement to register for the Minor Ailment Service (MAS) and for entitlement to exemption if a prescription is dispensed in England.

They are also required for expectant/nursing mothers to receive free dental treatment.

" so I said oh yea try my old name and gave it, and that worked.

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