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Grooming guru: Ollie explains that he plans on taking men on a journey through social media with his male makeover videos on his You Tube channel.These videos, he says, will be showing British men how they can improve their look through some simple techniques and he kicks things off with a facial As well as treating men to makeovers, Ollie will also be looking at the more extreme side of male grooming.

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Broadcast twice a week on ITV2, the show’s contributions to national culture include the practice of ‘vajazzling’ (attaching decorative sequins to a woman’s nether region) and the word ‘reem’ (roughly translated as ‘cool’). But now, you go down Brentwood High Road and you find people who have come down from Birmingham for the weekend to hang around the Sugar Hut.

I’m currently recording as much as I can and deciding on a manager.

I’ve got my Lauren’s Way brand (of fake tan and hair extensions) out of the show, which is doing brilliant.

There have been things I don’t want to do, but overall I go along with whatever the show wants us to do. I think there is a danger of giving too much and losing sight of reality.

You become public property, so if you give everything what do you go home to? I don’t think any of us did it to make money out of day-to-day filming – it was more about what came off the back of it.

Viewers are given access to the lives and loves of a social circle based around the Sugar Hut nightclub in Brentwood, with the on-off (currently off) romance of Neanderthal party promoter and wannabe playboy Mark Wright and his childhood sweetheart Lauren Goodger among its key storylines. We were aware of the stereotype and that was my main reservation about doing it.

The hair, tans and teeth are equally as dazzling and the show’s central love story sees Spencer Matthews, a 22-year-old City broker, chasing Caggie Dunlop, a pouting blonde who seems determined to rebuff his advances. Everyone goes to Marbella, everyone goes to the King William IV in Chigwell for drinks, everyone really gets done up and goes to parties. I didn’t want to be portrayed as some rich airhead who just floats around.They get to voice their opinions and communicate with us directly, which is a wonderful thing, but it can also be a bit overbearing. They’re under the same umbrella of reality TV, but there the similarities come to an end.There really isn’t any conflict or competition because there’s room for both of us.Spencer has been very clear about his feelings about me, and I do have feelings about him and care about him a lot.(But) I’m still quite young and I want to learn from relationships, whereas I know him inside out. That’s how people get involved on a personal level.I think it’s a good show, but it’s completely different from us. The comedy of our show is the banter with the slang, but they’re different, aren’t they? Hugo Taylor (left) is an incorrigible flirt who is rumoured to have been involved with Princess Eugenie.