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First Twitter was blocked, followed by Facebook and then by January 27, the Egyptian government ordered all service providers to shut down all international connections to the Internet, causing a minimum cost of $90 million.

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The next section will highlight the most popular websites in Egypt among those specific to the Middle East region.

On the other end, it revealed the shortcomings of freedom of expression in Egypt, and the ways to address those limitations.

The level of online traffic and activity was so high and threatening, that in the days leading up to the revolution, the Egyptian government took some drastic measures in hopes of impeding upon the masses.

The country’s economy depends mostly on oil and gas, followed by tourism.

Although GDP per capita is fairly low, Egypt is among the top 4 importers in MENA.

Although the wide majority of Egyptians are inclined towards Arabic content, English is the most commonly used foreign language, so having both would secure a wider audience in Egypt.

Egypt has both an Arabic and an English based country code top-level domain (cc TLDs) available.

Censorship in Egypt has been recently defined and redefined repeatedly in the context of the revolution.

On one end, the 2011 revolution has been coined on many accounts to be a virtual or internet revolution, as it was mostly mobilized and organized online via Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

These figures account for less than a quarter of the population and only a 20% e-commerce penetration.

In addition to the high potential for growth in the Egyptian market, there has been a lot of activity over the last couple of years.

The following is a list of the top 10 regional websites in the Middle East most visited by Egyptian residents—sites that are specifically geared towards the region and Arabic speakers in general: Despite some challenges, like the limited number of banks that allow users to buy products online using credit cards, Egypt remains a very attractive market for e-commerce companies.

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