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We will be happy to assist you with any additional information; please contact us: [email protected]← go back This course will not be offered during the next terms. In today's world of growing complexities and contradictions, negotiation is a survival skill.

Both negotiation and mediation are based on dialogue.As dialogue, negotiation and mediation are more of skills than theories, our course will also be skill-based.We will focus on the following sets of skills: Speaking-Writing-Recording-Communicating; Listening-Reflecting-Reproducing-Understanding; Facilitation; Dialogue; Negotiation; Cross-cultural negotiation Mediation.(page 178) The transcending position would be having direct dialogues with each other both in pairs and in groups in order to develop ideas and not to win. This book contrasts two different approaches to mediation.The first is the problem solving approach which emphasizes finding solutions to problems and generating mutually-acceptable settlements.The purpose of TPU, the educational institute of TRANSCEND, is to impart to our students the knowledge and skills required for professional peace and development work.

TPU equips students with analytical and practical competence in conflict-transformation and -resolution.

These are measures of quality control that serve to improve our teaching and your online learning experience.

To deepen your studies please visit the Galtung-Institut which is the on-site carrier of the Transcend Peace Universtiy program, offering on-site tutorials on Conflict Transformation during the TPU-terms in Grenzach-Wyhlen in southern Germany. Udayakumar As someone put it tersely, we do not get in this life what we deserve but only what we negotiate.

Negotiation is a structured dialogue just as mediation is assisted negotiation.

This course will deal with this important trio, Dialogue, Negotiation and Mediation (DNM).

As the course requirement, you could prepare a mediation case study or develop a simulation game or write a theoretical paper on any aspect of the course besides the occasional response papers on the readings.