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Total station readings are taken for all horizontal and vertical data points (excavation levels, feature boundaries, artifact and sample locations, plan and profile mapping, etc.).Basic excavation documentation is facilitated by use of Arkansas Archeological Survey excavation level, profile, and feature forms, along with artifact and field sample, photo, feature, and total station log sheets.

Photographs are taken with high resolution digital and black and white film cameras.This dark sediment was underlain by sterile, light-colored silts.Though we failed to recognize a floor or any other feature in this unit, our best interpretation at this point—following the imagery produced by the geophysical survey—is that Feature 3 a house with a poorly preserved floor.In the first of these units, we identified an oval pit feature, designated Feature 1.This feature extended nearly a half meter in depth and was filled with household trash including animal bone, carbonized plant remains, stone artifacts, and an abundant amount of broken ceramics.Furthermore, these house features appear to be arranged in discrete neighborhoods, offering a prospect for addressing questions concerning site structure and community organization through time.

These results indicate that 3YE25 is an extraordinary site, presenting an unparalleled opportunity to investigate the role of art, ritual, and social interaction among Carden Bottoms phase people.We also opened a series of 1 x 2 and 2 x 2 meter units over another suspected house feature in the Anomaly 5 area on the eastern edge of the site, located about 250 meters east of the Anomaly 7 area.Here, high resolution gradiometry and electrical resistivity imagery revealed a square structure with four interior roof support posts and a central hearth area.The primary objective of our Carden Bottoms excavations is to retrieve artifacts and preserved plant and animal remains from residential contexts, especially house and trash pit features.A combination of low and high resolution remote sensing surveys at 3YE25--the main locus of 1920s era looting that produced the museum collections we are studying--identified a large number of suspected houses and pits.October, 2010 We conducted the first round of excavations during two weeks in October, 2010, working in both the eastern and western areas of the site.

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