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Usually I try to be equitable in my dating discussions but this one is pretty much targeted towards male behavior (Sorry guys. They are all just dying to fetter themselves to someone else until they’re sick of each other and have to go through a miserable breakup. So I do have trouble with that whole life partner thing but let’s have a look at the “help” I get from my male friends on that topic: Speaking bluntly, you’re not ugly (in many ways), and I can’t figure it out how the hell you don’t have some crazy dude like Laird Hamilton at your side. So, being your friend, and platonic admirer…from almost every angle…yes socially, mentally, recreationally, entrepreneurially, and yes physically (I won’t act like I don’t think you’re hot) I wonder, “what the hell Jill”. Today I want to write about something that no one really talks about. So I figure that my dating articles are popular because it’s something I’m good at. Most people would rather be dragged down the street in a box of nails by a team of Iditarod huskies than consign themselves to “dating” for any length of time. But on the flip side, other people seem to have no trouble going from dating to committed to married and to me that path is just a bridgeless chasm over a mysterious no-man’s-land of despair.

The kinds of girls they talk about liking are thus: 1.Take Matthew Mc Conaughey, who has been sporting an unkempt beard that might read as “hermit in the woods”…were it not for the stunning wife at his side. “They have been almost uniformly super-psyched to get me naked, in a vocal but not aggressive way,” she enthuses, “and very interested in making sure I’m having a good time.” She fondly recalls “repeatedly fucking an avid duck hunter in the back of a pickup truck in a rural Georgia forest.”Turns out that hard work - the kind that doesn’t require a mouse pad - might actually pay off after all.*Names have been changed Photos by Ryan J.Chris Pratt may have toned up for So what does this mean for men who make their livings well beyond the confines of Greenpoint or Silver Lake, who know their way around a crankshaft and can split a piece of timber, who hunt and fish and may never once have thought of a pipe wrench as a fashion accessory? I can’t write this article without referencing Andrew Skurka, backcountry adventurer extraordinaire, who stated on Twitter that he prefers “women who like expensive dinners” (perhaps a joke?) and posted this bizarre interview with his – though obviously good natured – decidedly urban girlfriend, complete with video showing her discomfort with a moderately steep mountain slope and a cringeworthy link to an equally awkward article at Women’s Adventure, which he seems to forget is referring to a girlfriend.He left the headlight on as we were sort of drifting, and when he went to start the motor, it was dead. D., a leading masculinity scholar, says that by choosing to dress like woodsmen and seafarers, lumbersexuals are “evoking workplaces that were all-male [and] required a tremendous amount of physical strength.” He calls the trend “the sartorial equivalent of .” Lumbersexuality serves as a welcome release from the oppressive cubicle-dwelling lifestyle - even if the bulk of time a lumbersexual spends in the great outdoors is devoted to drinking craft beers on a bar patio.

Now the fantasy has crept into the mainstream: See Julian Edelman’s beard, by far one of the most viral takeaways from the Super Bowl - second, perhaps, to the most swooned-over farmer ever to lose a puppy. They’ve been biting your style and reaping the romantic rewards for far too long. “A little bit rough, in the best way,” says Emily*, a slender, 26-year-old blonde who bedded a scruffy, muscular Alaskan named Matt while he was vacationing in New York not long ago. The lumbersexual (like his quirkier cousin, the beardo) first appeared in hipster enclaves like Bushwick, Portland, and Austin several years back.After too many dates with wishy-washy Brooklynites, she found Matt’s assertiveness and hardy, looks (less Christian Grey and more Brawny Paper Towel Guy) a turn-on. Before long his calloused, manly fingerprints were all over the popular imagination, and fashion-forward men everywhere were donning 5 flannel shirts and raw, meticulously pre battered denim in his image.These same guys don’t really like the girl to be BETTER than them at anything, but that’s a discussion for a different post. Nothing’s more tedious than a world tour with a girl who can’t stop stressing about the adapter for her hair dryer. OK – so does he REALLY want a woman to be there with him?Guys want a lady who will join them on their adventures without creating too much hassle. From my own perspective, camping, moto-touring, climbing, and fishing with my guy buddies, it seems to me that dudes don’t prioritize these things as must-haves in their relationships.While researching this article, I even saw a personals ad specifying that a woman should look good in a ponytail and baseball hat AND look stunning dressed up nice for dinner.

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