Outlook cached mode not updating

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Outlook cached mode not updating

When adding new events on the server you have different options how the timezone of the newly created VEVENT is generated.The default setting uses the default Windows Timezone from Outlook (e.g. Europe Standard Time) or the selected timezones for the start and end of the appointment.

With the checkbox also all appointments/tasks without a category are synced to the server.Select Options/Calendar and there free/busy information and use a free/busy url of your server with placeholder like %Name%, e.g. Then every attendee in the outlook planning view gets resolved with that url for a free/busy lookup against your server.– Synchronize now – Synchronization Profiles – General Options – About – Reports – Status Use the Synchronization Profiles dialog to configure different synchronization profiles.Each profile is responsible for synchronizing one Outlook calendar/task or contact folder with a remote folder of a Cal DAV/Card DAV server.Since some servers have problems with that timezone definitions you can change that behaviour in the event mapping configuration with the following options: Outlook can only track meeting responses and invites in the main calender folder.

If you schedule meetings from Outlook which are synced with the Cal DAV server you have two possibilities to avoid double invitation mails for all attendees.You can choose a category from the dropdown list of all available Outlook categories or enter a new category name.For all events/tasks from the server the defined category is added in Outlook, when syncing back from Outlook to the server only appointments/tasks with that category are considered but the filter category is removed.With the checkbox below you can alternatively negate the filter and sync all appointments/tasks except this category.For calendars it is also possible to choose the color of the category or to fetch the calendar color from the server and map it to the nearest supported Outlook category color with the button you can define the shortcut key of the selected category for easier access when creating appointments.Then you need to disable the invitation mails sent from Outlook.

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