Outlook distribution list update not updating

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Outlook distribution list update not updating

You don't need the Microsoft Outlook program to check your e-mail.

It will also allow some official RIT mail to reach you properly at your @address, even if you aren't reading mail from the main RIT system.That way way, any mail sent to your @address gets to where you actually read your mail.So, we strongly recommend that you update your identity and e-mail preferences at edu.Look for Name based Email and click on “Name preferences page” 3. Select your name preference you want from the drop down. Once you set up a name-based e-mail address for your account, it is suitable for putting on correspondence, stationery, and business cards.If you have chosen to forward your e-mail to a different e-mail system, then the three addresses described above will all forward to that outside e-mail system.If you set up personalized (students/faculty/staff) and/or named-based addresses (faculty/staff only), these additional addresses merely point to your RIT Computer Account. OLM are compressed files that contain your emails and can be reopened on a different computer within Outlook. OLM (also called an archive), follow the steps from Outlook 2013 on Windows and Outlook 2016 on Mac.

You can also make your @forward to a different e-mail system, if you choose. This can be useful when your computer is upgraded or when you need to keep emails for a long period of time, but don’t want to clog up your inbox. All faculty and staff are automatically joined to the RITSTAFF mailing list for general campus access.

Choose "Exchange" or "Corporate" as the e-mail account type when creating it.

Exchange server Username Your RIT account username Password Your RIT account password E-mail address Your RIT account e-mail address (example: "[email protected]") Domain We suggest the use of the IMAP mail protocol only if your device or client does not support Exchange.

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A mail program, when set up for IMAP communication, will maintain a live link to your RIT mailbox.

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