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Pentacostal dating - junsu dating

There must be something to curb the flesh's appetites, and prior military experience coupled with a firm understanding of the unregenerate mind has gone a long way to convincing me of the necessity of them.

However, I also found some interesting things that I not only disagree with your perspective on, but wonder how anyone who is seriously considering and weighing things biblically could not see: Number 3 comes to mind immediately..everyone who is convinced of the accuracy of the Authorized is IFB, nor were they ever in that denomination IMO.

The best thing a parent can do is to start a program of corporal punishment as soon as possible, thereby limiting the severity of the inevitable teenage rebellious years before they leave home.

Apart from the indwelling Holy Spirit in a saved individual's life, nothing but the Law and discipline will ever be able to fend off violence and rebellion in an unbeliever's life.

29 is interesting, because state accreditation actually does limit what can and cannot be taught.

I've seen many testimonies of what schools were limited to, once they sought state funding and / or accreditation.

Steve, Somehow I stumbled across your blog and decided to take a look, considering I was once a "Fundamental Baptist" as well.

I was converted in an IFB church in 1978 at the age of 12 during the preaching of the Gospel, and lived a mostly disobedient life of worldliness until 2002 when the Lord ( actually using David Cloud's website ) caused me to see the truth of biblical separation for the child of God.I've recently published How I Was Razed: A Journey from Cultism to Christianity.In it, I show how the heavenly Father providentially guided me to the truth about his character.Frankly, it is rooted in the flesh and the Lord commands us to deny it, which can be difficult I admit.I've grown more in the last 3 years after setting aside any ungodly and worldly entertainment ( especially the music that has a beat and hooks the flesh ) than I ever did before.Look up a gentleman by the name of Will Kinney, for example.

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