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“We’re very quick to be engaged and maybe even, at this time in the history of the world, it’s possible for young singe adults … to be captured by clutter. … If we’re not careful we can maybe be a little bit too stoic in how we’re presenting it. I’ve often found that it’s helpful not to declare a principle of the gospel to a non-believer by saying, ‘It’s this way whether you believe it or not.’ ” He added that it is good for Church members to explain their beliefs and standards in terms of covenants they have made.

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How can I deal with doubts when faced with tough questions from Church history?

In addition to those present in Logan, young single adult groups in Mexico City, Mexico, and Lima, Peru, were linked into the broadcast, and members of the groups participated in it live.

In the days leading up to it — and during the event itself — questions were submitted via the Church website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Questions were posed to the Church leaders by two young single adults: Eliza Lin, a Utah State University student and a Church convert of just two months, and Mitchell Kimball, a Brigham Young University student and a Spanish-speaking returned missionary who interpreted the questions coming from the groups in Mexico and Peru.

He quipped, “We know one another; we can finish one another’s sentences if the occasion requires. ” A recording of the entire broadcast may be viewed at with a link from the home page.

Here are some of the questions that were addressed with summaries of the responses.

The gospel is consistent throughout.” Elder Oaks recounted what was told to him by “a proud grandparent,” He said he had a grandson struggling with this problem, who said, “I’m satisfied that I can approach this problem in this way: I’m not going to let my sexuality interfere with my spirituality.” “I thought that, in a nutshell, was an expression of faith and determination not to get one thing confused with another.” Elder Ballard added, “We have to be cautious and willing to listen.

We have to be willing to talk to one another about this issue.“The Church is a place of refuge, a place to come and find peace, the answers to life’s questions.But ultimately there are covenants that come into the picture, and all of us have to make that decision in our lives, entering into the sacred covenants the Lord has told us are important in this journey of mortality. I have a positive outlook on for enjoying, why not share it with another? Saga Dating is an online dating service that'll help you find and connect with people like you.It's successfully launched thousands of happy and lasting relationships. I would never have met my true love had it not been for your site. We've now been together for a fun filled and very happy year.Elder Oaks said the two apostles had not been able to read every question “but we’ve had some help categorizing them … and we are making an effort to concentrate on the questions that were most commonly asked from the various locations around the world.” Elder Ballard added, “We’re going to talk to you fairly straightly, and by the power of the Spirit, we hope, tonight.