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Maybe the melancholy also exists not just in the lyrics but in the almost lackadaisical delivery of the lyrics, it sounds like he barely gives a shit, but at the same time the cadence shows he does, he invokes satisfying feelings of slight menace (less snarling than previous releases), slight sense of impending doom (Trump Presidency and Australia's ongoing issues with Manus Island and all), a journey, a muted playfulness, not too intense, not too weak, dotted with perfect moments of monotone that make the playfulness all the more evident. Stuff started happening in 2014, and now, three years later, with the Great Barrier Reef that much closer to certain death, the mine and the port and the rail way are that much closer to being a reality. We make money in this nation by the stuff we put on a boat: coal, iron ore, cotton, beef, sheep, grain.[The Australian Conservation Foundation has had legal advice: the people who approve said-loan, the Northern Australian Infrastructure Facility, could face legal action, could be found in breach of their duties if they don’t consider climate change when Considering Financial Risks of the Mine, I wonder if the directors of the NAIF are climate change deniers, there’s gotta be at least one of those guys there right, especially if they’re pro-coal mine development, or are there climate change Acceptors who are pro-coal mine development? They're buying power because they've got hundreds of millions of people who, I think, have a right to turn on a light like we have a right to turn on a light.[bit rude, Barnaby, having your One God bless them when you’re very aware that most Indians have Dharmic faiths. Now, we send that off in one direction and back in the other direction comes your terms of trade: everything you're wearing, everything your listeners - your listeners are watching TVs from overseas; they've probably cooked on a stove from overseas. Well, somebody somewhere has got to be putting something on a boat and sending it in the other direction. Now, if we stand in front of it and say, "Oh, well, I just don't believe in coal mining anymore or the money you make from it," you're a fool because you'll go broke.[bit rude, Barnaby, assuming that everyone buys things or wants from overseas, also rude to assume that your audience is a bunch of idiots who don’t understand how global shipping economy works I mean maybe a bunch of people who voted your government in didn’t quite understand the global shipping industry because if they did they probz wouldn’t have voted for free market capitalists like yrselvzz to rule over them with a greedy, clammy, coal-smudged fists but then also maybe they just don’t care, maybe they actually don’t care about changing things for the better because it’s Too Hard or it’s Too about the people who don’t buy things over overseas and buy things from Australia or want to buy things from Australia but can’t afford to because global shipping economy has created a situation where things from overseas can be more affordable than local produce, don’t you think that’s weird, Barnaby, weird and kind of shit for local economies, Barnaby, do you, do you think it’s a bit shitty? Or do you just want to keep those ships coming and going because it reminds you of being in a bath tub and playing choo-choo tug-boats with yr mamma]JEREMY FERNANDEZ: I mean, we're talking about 1,500 jobs which is what Adani says under oath: 1,500 jobs. JEREMY FERNANDEZ: ..the risks to the Great Barrier Reef? I think most people who don't want the coal mine would be arguing that we can do other things to help alleviate the poverty you’re kind of half-describing without any actual sense of humanity or descriptive recognition of real struggles. If you want to pay for your pensions, if you want to pay for your defence force, if you want to pay for your hospitals, your roads, your school teachers, et cetera, we have got to actually make a buck.Playfulness also exists within that bloody keyboard he used; sped up Bossanova Beat presets and the like. there have been ongoing legal hurdles, environmental and native title, hurdles strengthened by citizens who seek to protect the land, and the water that lays beneath it. people talk about “clean coal", and wouldn’t ya know it, some people BELIEVE in it. Is that a fair exchange for the contamination of water... BARNABY JOYCE: Well, first of all I think there's indirectly up to 10,000 jobs and many more after that. And the way we make a buck predominantly in this nation is things we put on a boat.

~~~Cough’s new album ((“Still They Prey, 2016)) took 6 bloody years to release, and is easily the most satisfyingly depressive thing I’ve heard in quite a while. ---“Played handful of shows in The (united) States (of America), a couple of shows in Europe, trying to gear up for the Australian tour while also working on some new stuff.

I had a little chat with Parker, who is the bass player of both Cough and Windhand.

Our communication technologies were pretty hit miss, too much miss for me, I nearly cried, I hurt my back and everything, so the conversation was a bit stilted.

"Contested Mark" is cult Australian dark-folk-troubadour Emlyn Johnson's 8th record, and possibly my favourite, although to be fair, I haven't heard the first 5 in full (they're really hard to get your hands on).

It follows along similar, meandering paths and themes on display on previous albums; stories about what he sees and people he meets and things he does and how things are, in his reality, in his world.

He's probably really good at winning those contests; he's very tall.

So the album is named after this AFL thing because of the drawing he did of a contested mark that was used as the album art.Emlyn played in the Perth Community Cup recently and I think he won a prize or something.I wonder how many times he engaged with a contested mark.The original drawing is pencil on paper, is framed, and was put up for sale on facebook for , but he tells me that only his ex-girlfriend masquerading as David Walsh offered to buy it. The price has since been raised but I didn't have the guts to ask how much he now wants for it, given that even is too much for me right now. There is an ease and confidence on display in his performance on this album that is woven throughout the mostly-melancholic collection of songs, where Johnson is always bluntly honest about his experience in any given situation, doesn't shy away from ugly truths, says what he reckons without sugar-coating anything.When he's not telling those kinds of stories, he is playing with words and sentences and sounds in ways that are something like quasi-structured stream of consciousness, you can't quite tell what he thinks or feels when he does that, though he does lead the listener to intuit/interpret, playing, he's playing with you/me/us, a well-practiced method of lyric creation he's worked with for years.If you are not familiar with his work, but are a fan of early Bill Callahan (smog), are interested in a postmodern take on the Australian Bush Ballad Tradition, and appreciate English language word-play, you should probably give this guy a shot.

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