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Noticing the danger, Zuko manages to survive the attempt on his life with Iroh's help.

Katara's pleas bring Aang back out of the Avatar State.

Seeing the light that appeared from Aang's release, Zuko and some Fire Nation soldiers arrive at the Southern Water Tribe to demand the villagers hand over the Avatar.

Aang reveals himself and surrenders to Zuko on the condition that he agrees to leave the village alone.

Aang tells Katara and Sokka that he only knows airbending and he must master the other three elements.

Katara is given a waterbending scroll that she uses to greatly strengthen and hone her waterbending abilities and to help Aang learn as they make their way to the Northern Water Tribe (where Aang will be able to learn from waterbending masters) and liberate more Earth Kingdom villages in the process, weakening the Fire Nation's food and water supplies.

Upon arriving, Aang's group is welcomed warmly by the citizens of the Northern Water Tribe.

Sokka quickly befriends the Northern Water Tribe princess, Yue.Inside of the iceberg is a 12-year-old boy named Aang and a giant flying bison named Appa.Unknown to them, Aang is the long-lost Avatar – the only person capable of "bending" all 4 elements of Air, Water, Earth and Fire.Aang and his new friends visit the Southern Air Temple where they meet a winged lemur, who Aang later names Momo.Aang also learns that he was in the ice for a whole century and that the Fire Nation wiped out all of the Air Nomads, including his guardian, Monk Gyatso.On the ship, Aang is tested by Zuko's paternal uncle Iroh to confirm he is the Avatar.

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