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Hallelujah and praise the Lord he knows how to talk! Although her head was almost completely hidden behind her large beer mug, she nodded vigorously in approval.

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Just as the creepy music was about to start and the crazed psycho-killer would start plunging a sharp knife into my chest repeatedly, it happened. Instead, I felt like it was a scene out of a horror movie. Anne gave me a horrified look like an alien was about to burst through my chest. This was not the fantastic swinging evening that I had imagined taking place. I looked, but unfortunately there were no alcohol free restaurants that were nearby that weren't of the fast food variety. That way, if things just aren't clicking between you and them, you can easily make your escape between the waitress bringing you the giant overpriced light beer and her serving the bland yet heat of the sun temperature chicken fajitas. A good thing, as it didn't give Misty time to get all liquored up. " "You just seem a little nervous." "A bit." I paused. " "Well, we don't have to do anything with them." Don't have to do anything???? I've watched her puke up several frozen marguaritas!

I've chatted online with these people for hours at a time.

"Why don't we split it," said Kevin, pulling out a credit card.

Expose the true nature, the real brilliance of his character? After paying and getting the key, it was silence again.

So, we survived our first adventure in the world of swinging! I know, I know, you're thinking, "But what about the whole puking thing? Whatever the reason, we were willing to put that behind us and move forward. I mean, who knows what kind of whack jobs the other people turn out to be? You need to really, really, really know the other people before inviting them to your house.

Instead, we were too grossed out by the whole experience. I guess memories do cloud over time, because after a while, we thought about trying to get together with Kevin and Misty again.

) Kevin and I both got out of our cars and headed over to the office. I mean, here I was, walking into a hotel with another guy to get a room.

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    We later learned it was an older man about 50 and a young fellow about 24.