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One of the titles of the Perumpidugu Muttaraiyar was Lord of Tanjore. Webmaster DT:22/12/2005 go TOP Perumpidugu Mutharaiyar was a great king of Tanjore and belonged to Muthuraja / Mudiraja community.

The Muttaraiyars ruled over Tanjore and Pudukkotai as the feudatories of the Pallavas from the 8th to 11th Century AD. The other temple details are as given below: Moolavar : Sathyagiri nathan, Sathyamurthy Ninna Thirukolam - Facing east Uthsavar : Maiyappan Thayar : Vuyaiavantha Nachchiar Theertham : Kathamba pushkarni, Sathya theertham Vimanam : Sathyagiri Vimanam Prathyaksham : Sathya devathaigal Mangalasasanam : Thirumangai alwar ( 9 pasurams) Archagars : Location : Pudhukotai to Karaikudi rly line This article on Twara Balagas (Dwara Palakas) of Thirumaiyam contributed by Mr. Sundararajan, Researcher, Mutharaya Cholar Research Center, Thanjavur. The elder brother Kuvavan honoured his younger brother for his love and faithful services by installing his statue along with him as Dwara Palaka in Thirumaiyam temple in Pudukottai Temple. They became a separate community as cultivators as the political and ruling power shifted to zamindars having ownership over large tracts of lands spreading over hundreds and thousands of villages. Marpidugu was also the surname of the Telugu-Chola king Punyakumara . The fact that the people of Mudiraj community in Telangana region are also known as people of TENUGU caste. This evidently points to an ancient truth that Balijas were part of Mudiraju bantlu. The earliest clear referrence to this event is in the Malepadu plates of Punyakumara., where a Telugu Choda family tries to establish its ancestry with Karkala. Erikal Mutturaju could be a member of Tenati Telugu Cholas. The famous kalamalla Sasana of belongs to the last quarter of sixth century AD. If one examines the various Sasanas during this period, one can perceive the development of not only the Telugu language, but also its grammar and vocabulary.

(ii) From sixth century onwards, there is inscriptional evidence as to the independent existence of telugu.

Perumpidugu Mutharaiyar became the king of Tanjavur by overthrowing Chola Kingdom.

There is a reference to king Perumbidugu - Muttaraiyan II, who attended the coronation of Nandi Varman Pallavamlla.

This information strongly supports the caste and community oneness of RAYA KINGS of Rayalaseema and the Mutha Rayars who ruled Tamilnadu and parts of Kerala.

This information has great importance to assert the fact that Muthurajas of Tamilnadu were Telugu speaking Mutharaya (Mutharacha) warrior kings who migrated from integrated Rayalaseema (Renadu) which includes Bellary districts of Karnataka also.

It could be possible that this Durjaya Raju of Cuddapah of 6th century in some way or other related to Erikal Mutturaju of Cuddapah of 6th century.

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