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Respectfully Wooing a Christian Girl Demonstrating Christian Values Community Q&A Do you have a thing for that pretty girl in your youth group or your church?

Being too vocal or forward may be more off-putting to a romantically reserved and careful Christian girl than it would be to the average girl.(Mothers do sometimes hate their babies, and according to D. Winnicott, these feelings are not only normal, but in moderation are a healthy part of mothering!) Since she can’t ask for it directly, she may use guilt to push you into giving her what she wants.If you feel guilty about not being "good enough" to your mother, or angry at her for “making” you feel guilty, chances are that your mother actually feels guilty, too.While she may not show it directly, psychoanalysts have discovered over the years that guilt-provokers are often guilt-sufferers themselves. One major reason is that guilt is a painful emotion.It sounds like you've managed to find a way to grow without her positive reinforcement, though!

I don't think there's a right answer to your question, except to do what feels the best to and for you.

My mother hates me because she feels like I'm the daughter who looks like the men she most hates , and I'm the child who left the house first with no help needed. We'll my question is should I question my mother on the accusations I feel or ignore the hate as if it's not happening?

Hi Jeanette, How sad that your mother has spent so much energy sending you so many bad feelings!

Of course, she never completely stopped trying, but I am happier to know that I am doing my best to resist being manipulated by such a selfish person.

I agree, Anna, I have had a couple sources advise me that ignoring the action or comments is the best solution. One of our therapists at Carolina Partners in Mental Health (here in Durham, NC) had some words I wanted to share on this idea that you discuss of "realizing you're an adult now": Realize You Are an Adult Now We often jump to the panicky place of losing the approval of others as we did when we were a child.

It might be about impulses (not even actual behaviors) that she felt towards her parents or siblings when she was a child.

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