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I used an old Grundig radio with a (so called) green tuning eye. In 1964 Jimmy Savile hosted the first episode of Top Of The Pops, and the week after its launch guested on the second edition from a Manchester Church suspended upside down from a rope with Todd Slaughter desperately hanging on the other end. I've been trying to find the name of it so I can get a recording but to no avail! I was an avid listener of Luxy from about 1970 through to the 80s.

Griffin finished second in the FCWT points standing in his division for the season.

The FCWT is pleased to announce the All-FCWT Teams 2016-2017.

These awards recognize the accomplishments of our junior golfers during FCWT junior golf tournaments for 2016-2017.

Megan won at Coyote Creek in November and Sandpiper in February.

She had 6 Top 5 finishes and finished no less than T7 during her 7 FCWT junior golf tournaments this season. Boys 15-19 Division Griffin Long (Davis, CA) Girls 13-19 Division Megan Chou (Los Altos, CA) Jack Nicklaus is quoted as saying “A kid grows up a lot faster on the golf course.

The All-FCWT Teams 2016-2017 are listed alphabetically by team. 1st Team Trey Davis (Plumas Lake, CA) Grant Fairbairn (Orinda, CA) Ryan Grauman (Alamo, CA) Tyler Hull (Toronto, ON, Canada) Griffin Long (Davis, CA) 2nd Team Bennett Cotten (Winnetka, IL) Callum Davison (La Quinta, CA) Thomas Downing (Holliston, MA) Jack Ebner (Edina, MN) Jared Edeen (Cheyenne, WY) Connor Glynn (Waconia, MN) Berk Harvey (San Jose, CA) Piercen Hunt (Hartland, WI) Yaroslav Ilyenko (Stouffville, ON, Canada) Grant Johnson (Walnut Creek, CA) Clayton Kucera (Chaska, MN) Jackson Lake (Clovis, CA) Yuan-Wei Lin (New Taipei City, Taiwan) Sun-Yi Lu (New Taipei City, Taiwan) George Mc Neely (Carmel, CA) Roberto Nieves (Miami, FL) Jake Radom (Huntington Woods, MI) Craig Radom (Klamath Falls, OR) Cam Sandland (Phoenix, AZ) Lucas Scherf (Grinnell, IA) Reid Vail (Sacramento, CA) Wei-Hsuan Wang (Kaohsiang City, Taiwan) 1st Team Annika Borrelli (Alamo, CA) Megan Chou (Los Altos, CA) Jordan Davis (Martinez, CA) Nicole Lu (Taipei, Taiwan) Aleksia Mikalacki (Scottsdale, AZ) Lauren Thibodeau (Hampstead, NH) 2nd Team Abby Cavaiani (Wales, WI) Anni Heck (Eagan, MN) Charlotte Hillary (Cherry Hills Village, CO) Thin Wai Khaing (Yangon, Myanmar) Caris Kim (Los Altos, CA) Joanna Kim (Edina, MN) Ritida Nanda (Alamo, CA) Emily Nash (Lunenburg, MA) Alison Paik (Providence, RI) Kenedee Peters (Ephrata, WA) Greer Valaquenta (Bradenton, FL) Carissa Wu (Dublin, CA) Rou Yin (China) Sophia Yoemans (Red Wing, MN) Sophie Zhang-Murphy (China) 1st Team Rodolfo Castillo Solares (Guatemala City, Guatemala) Justin Hopkins (Danville, CA) Max Hutter (Weston, MA) Wyatt Mc Govern (Hillsborough, CA) Luke Sample (New York, NY) Ben Soicher (Mill Valley, CA) Jacob Tarkany (Scottsdale, AZ) Bradley Vu (Santa Cruz, CA) 2nd Team Michael Donnelly (Brewster, NY) Carson Herron (Deephaven, MN) Jack Homer (Scottsdale, AZ) Aaron Jarvis (Georgetown, Grand Cayman) Jack Mc Cormick (Greenwood Village, CO) Ian Meyer (Deephaven, MN) Tommy Morrison (Potomac, MD) Luke Tedford (Lake Forest, IL) Johnny Wright (Orlando, FL) Robert You (Nashua, NH) Nolan Zaepfel (Jacksonville, FL) All-FCWT Teams 2016-2017 Jared Khoo Academic " data-medium-file="https://i1com/ fit=904,1024&ssl=1" class="aligncenter wp-image-15026 size-medium" src="data:image/gif;base64, R0l GODlh AQABAIAAAAAAAP///y H5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7" data-src="https://i0com/ One of the most important is a player’s ability to win tournaments.

resize=265,300&ssl=1" alt="All-FCWT Teams 2016-2017" width="265" height="300" data-srcset="https://i1com/ The FCWT’s Founder, Jack Hopson, used to encourage junior golfers to “learn to win at this level and then take that to the next.” The junior golfers selected for this award this season each won two FCWT junior golf tournaments during the season.Because I was young I went to bed at ten; and waked up by the alarm-clock at midnight. Most of the programmes before midnight were recorded in the Radio Luxembourg studio in London; at 38 Hertford Street, W1. J.'s were Jimmy Savile , Jimmy Young, Tony Hall, Alan Freeman Jack Jackson, Don Moss, Keith Fordyce, Peter Murray, Peter Aldersley, Ray Orchard, Muriel Young, Pete Brady, Brian Matthew, Sam Costa, David Jacobs, Kenny Everett, Keith Skues, Johnny Moran, Simon Dee, Barry O' Dee, Hughie Green, Doug Stanley, Alan Dell, David Gell, Katie Boyle, Carol Deene and Ernie Williams. Some of these recorded programmes were: Topical Tunes, , Battle of the Giants, Jimmy Young Show, Tony Hall show, Jack Jackson's Jukebox, Guys, girls and groups, Tune a minute , Top pops, Pops till midnight, Sam Costa's Corner, Teen and Twenty Disc Club, David Jacobs Show, The Peter Murray Show, Brian Matthew's Pop parade, Simon's Scene. Muffled the sound with a cushion so my parents wouldn't know I'd sneaked downstairs. I used to write the Top 20 down in a notebook, religiously, between 19. Todd Slaughter Leicester, United Kingdom (05/11/2011). I hear now from the satellite astra 19 degrees aest in the german talk. I found two old brown tapes with original Top Twenty's. And "The Friday Spectacular" (EMI records); each Friday between 10 and 11 p.m. And I'll never forget that week when the Beatles had 2 singles, an EP and a LP in the Top 10. In the 70's the only way for Irish kids to hear pop music was 208. A superb site - brought back many happy listening memories - thank you. Everynight at 19.30 hours I tuned in at the great 208 m./1440 k Hz. Radio Luxembourg started with the Top Twenty in Autumn 1948 (at 1293 m. After the implementation of the Copenhagan Plan in 1951 the English programmes of Radio Luxembourg moved (July 2, 1951) from longwave to the famous 208 metres (1439 k Hz; in 1978 1440 k Hz.) medium wave. I liked all the broadcasts--Dutch, German, and English. It's been great reading about Radio Luxembourg and the comments of people all over the world who loved the station as well. Anne Michaelis Milk River, Alberta, Canada (19/11/2011). He was found at his flat in Roundhay, Leeds, on Saturday - just two days before his 85th birthday. If there was ever a time for Luxy to return it's now, as internet radio is established! Anatoly Ryzhkin Rostov on Don, Russia (08/10/2011). A friend of mine recently published a news clipping, it appeared, of her mother, who won the "Miss Radio Luxembourg" contest, being kissed by Rock Hudson. one of my listeners remembers 208 and asked me if i could find a song that she said was used for close down[dont know the year] it has the following lyrics " a long lonely road we travel dont know where we're going" i know this is a long shot but thanks again for the memories tommy murphy Ballina, Ireland (02/10/2011) 805. Lars Erik Hanhart Bergqvist Stockholm, Sweden (29/09/2011 803. Tuning in at night with my old valve radio, especially during my student days. Since April 8, 1962 every Sundaynight between eleven and midnight I listened to this English Top Twenty for many years. A.) Barry Alldis , Paul Hollingdale, (This Boy) Don Wardell, Stuart Grundy, Chris Denning, (TV on Radio) Tommy Vance, Tony Brandon, Colin Nichol. His death came after a spell in hospital earlier this month with a suspected bout of pneumonia. I imagine she would share it if you are interested. Great memories from my childhood through my teens and into adulthood, great Radio Luxembourg. I am very sad to find that the 208 has closed again. Much time has passed, but the emotions experienced with Radio Luxembourg, they are still alive and rooted in our minds. They’ve been at the top of their game and they have struggled.