Ralph fiennes dating jennifer lopez

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Ralph fiennes dating jennifer lopez - butler dating gerard

Her musical stardom was never dependent on a strong, singular, once-in-a-generation voice — she is neither a Whitney Houston nor a Karen Carpenter — and so Lopez never had to be more than a competent singer.

That implicit and surefooted knowledge — knowing when to sit back, or forge ahead — is what sets Lopez apart, and keeps her relevant and likable, despite dramas that might permanently damage a lesser star. Instead, her versatility when it comes to wearing many hats has been her saving grace.Her first album was still ahead of her, and the “J.Lo” moniker was still far in the future, but Lopez was building her own myth from the get-go.Jennifer Lopez moves through the world as if she firmly believes two fundamentally oppositional things: 1) The world owes her nothing, and 2) the world owes her everything. These dichotomies confuse people, and perhaps make them a little more pliable, even amenable to whatever she is peddling. Jennifer Lopez, a curvy Nuyorican of average height (5'5"), walks into rooms with the confidence of straight white men who are far below her pay grade and abilities, and she operates her empire — one estimate from Forbes had her combined salary for 2016 at .5 million — with a firm hand: Seemingly nothing moves without her say-so, and without her say-so, nothing moves.You see, Jennifer Lopez doesn't need you to believe in her — she has that covered, thank you very much. She is both old glamour (like a certain violet-eyed star from another era) and new money.She can be sexy and composed even while naked but only in character,” an interview the actor admitted she found “really odd.” Or consider Rob Haskell’s feature on Selena Gomez earlier this year: “As I slip an apron over her mane of chocolate-brown hair, for which Pantene has paid her millions, and tie it around her tiny waist, I wonder whether her legions have felt for years the same sharp pang of protectiveness that I’m feeling at present.” These interviews are of course 90% projection, but some still manage to provide insightful results.

Lopez starred in her own canonical interview back in 1998, post-Selena and just before Out of Sight was released, when Movieline sent along reporter Stephen Rebello to interview her.

The Jennifer Lopez Way™ is to shine without apology, artfully weathering the waxing and waning of her audience’s interest, while keeping us transfixed.

The genre of borderline-creepy interviews of young Hollywood "starlets" by magazine men — oily throwbacks to an era of more overt male power — has become a source of rich comedy on social media over the last few years.

In a famous 1998 interview, even she was frank about her talents.

“I’ll just get better as I go along because I’m open to getting better,” she told Movieline.

She takes lovers and marries as she pleases, rears her biological children (twins, a boy and a girl) as she pleases; she pushes back against the rule that women should be even more mild than the world has already made them. Lo has settled into her role as an old-school entertainer.