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That is why you can relieve your feelings, open your heart and speak to those who will understand.When tightness comes to your throat, the only solution is to put your feelings into words. You think whether it’s not a betrayal of your loved one.

Your dislikes include jelly beans, Quogue, and (ugh) Brooklyn.

Free widowed chat rooms have everything you need to turn over the page and start living again – you deserve to love and to be loved again, so don’t lose your chance to be happy.

Download our free apps to stay in touch Members already registered: When you lose your beloved one, it seems as if your life ends.

Your hobbies include talking about your acting days, feeding swans, picking lemons, and going to parties at Mohamed Hadid's house.

You're multicultural and know how to insult your enemies in at least two different languages.

You are never one to shy away from an argument and have been known to get physical during fights, even if they're in inappropriate places — like your son's christening.

You may not be the richest of your friends, but you have the best old-money connections, and that's what matters.

“You know, I think she very wisely is leaving the country to kind of gather her thoughts and get it together.

I think it’s all happened in front of the cameras and, if you see the reunion, I think you'll be surprised, because you'll begin to see the first signs of cracks in the relationship at the first part of the reunion.”Star Sonja Morgan Reveals How She Feels About Luann’s Marriage“The reunion takes on a new meaning when you know the ending of the story, frankly,” Cohen says.

It’s difficult to breathe and impossible to keep living.

However, time goes by and you should keep going, because your love would have wanted you to be happy again.

There are the blond babes of Orange County, the conniving socialites of New York City, the screaming women of New Jersey, the hilarious ladies in Atlanta, the glamorous gals of Beverly Hills, and the fiery group in Miami. Break out the Pinot, prepare your tweet to Andy Cohen, and take our quiz below!