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Cell is picked up for more than $1,500,000; and for $700,000 each. As Seenon,,,,, and are sold for $2,000,000 each .

Now, write that problem/ need/ interest/ desire in the form of a small, 1-5 word question (you'll find examples in some of the Domain descriptions).

Take my Memorable Domain, which you can see in the affordable online classified sections of business magazines like Entrepreneur. Now, if I preferred, I could also include in the ad something like, “Own Your Own Internet Business,” or “Make Money on the Internet,” but I don’t really need to.

Why would so many successful, intelligent, and forward-thinking companies, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, business builders, and investors pay so much for Dot Com (.com) Internet addresses? And what’s this got to do with business, money, the Internet, your job . This is so because a Memorable Domain telegraphs the product/s and/or service/s you are offering and the benefits they provide to the reader/listener. They’ll get the information they want, and learn what they need to know, in order to make an informed decision once they get here and read what you’re now reading.

Toys R Us battles others at auction to grab for ,000,000. America Online (AOL) a jaw-dropping ,000,000 for

Bank of America plunks down an eye-popping ,500,000 for

do nothing having anything to do with business, money, your job, or the Internet until you’ve book-marked this website and invested a few minutes of your time reviewing the following critically important, available nowhere else information: #1: Launch an exciting new (or future) high-profit part-time or full-time Internet and/or offline business/division; or solidify and insure their current market position .

#2: Make their current Internet/offline business or division more profitable and enjoyable than it’s ever been before . And what if I decide to run Internet, radio, or TV ads, how many will remember these junk domain addresses long enough to find me on the Internet? What you do is this: When you come to the Memorable Domains below which catch your interest, stop for a moment and decide what problem/ need/ interest/ desire it/they are directed to and which they address/ solve/ provide. And if they decide to visit at a later date but misplaced or threw away the magazine or newspaper the ad was in; how many will remember what my Internet address was? : One of the best ways to use these powerfully-effective Dot Coms is with the problem/solution approach and method. For the sake and security of your own financial and lifestyle future . if you or your company are looking for a quicker and easier way to achieve your goals and realize your dreams . and gets snapped up for a staggering ,500,000 in cash and stock. This allows you to minimize how much you spend for advertising, whether you decide to use newspapers, magazines; even radio. Since what I’m providing are honest, sensible ways to build wealth and get rich over time, I need say nothing else.

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