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So what are the general causes of social rejection?There are lots of reasons behind social rejection, but they can be classified into 4 main groups: 1.) People who may interfere with the group’s goals From a biological, survival-of-the-fittest point of view, group acceptance is extended to people who have something to benefit the group.

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Rejection is necessary medicine; it teaches you how to reject relationships and opportunities that aren’t going to work, so you can find the right ones that will. For a short time afterwards you will ask yourself every question you can think of…

In the six tumultuous years following, she would imagine an entire magical world of witches and wizards, assume the pen name J. Rowling, and publish "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone," the first novel in the now beloved "Harry Potter" series.

Rowling has since become the UK's best-selling living author, and her books have brought in more than billion and sold more copies than any other book series — but not before Rowling had to overcome the hardships of rejection and being a single mother living on welfare.

Examples of ungroup-like and unhelpful behaviours include the following: 3.) People who are deemed to offer no benefits to the group Sometimes even when people are not a hindrance or a danger to the group, there are cases where group members feel they have enough people in their group to fulfil all the necessary roles, and if external people don’t have any extraordinary benefits to add, they will not include them into their group.

When a group’s valued traits are very different from an outsider’s valued traits, even if an outsider has a lot of benefits to offer, they may still be socially excluded from the group.

Unfortunately what is perceived as a benefit is sometimes subjective.

This is where being different (in spite of having lots of wonderful things to offer) can lead to what’s often perceived as unfair social rejection.Of course, you can find inspiration in a ton of different things, but these awesome quotes might just give you the extra push you need to get things done.These empowering women have all made an impact on politics in some way and they’ll always be remembered for how they inspire and motivate people all over the world.It doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough; it just means someone else failed to notice what you have to offer. But then you have to let your emotions fuel you in a positive way! Let your feelings of rejection drive you, feed you, and inspire one heck of a powerful opening to the next chapter of your story.Which means you now have more time to improve yourself and explore your options. Honestly, if you constantly feel like someone is not treating you with respect, check your price tag. If you don’t value and respect yourself, wholeheartedly, no one else will either. All too often we let the rejections of our past dictate every move we make thereafter.” “This is your last chance, contact me or else” “Where have you been until now? Nobody wants to be with someone who is depressed and feels the worlds against them continually.

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