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Reliance Jio, however, controls the highest chunk of 4G airwaves across India.

And lastly, each feature is rolled out after thoroughly testing for efficiency, data saving and performance.Though users could say that other apps were already ahead of Whats App, a slow implementation works well in Whats App’s favour.First—users get time to learn and use every feature as and when they are released.Reliance Jio is likely to launch its much awaited 4G feature phone priced as low as Rs 500, a media report said, which would further stiffen competition in the telecom sector which Mukesh Ambani’s venture has already disrupted.The launch could be during RIL’s annual general meeting on July 21, The Economic Times reported on Wednesday.The company was acquired by Facebook, and the messaging app is completely free to use.

Whats App developers had initially released the phone number-based messaging app for simple communication; however, it took to the internet like a storm.

You will get an option to send the same message to multiple people by adding the contacts in the recipient list.

Click on the ‘ ’ sign on the right and select the names from your contact list. Format your text You can now send messages in bold, too.

Here you will find a list of contacts you are presently chatting with and if you tap anyone, you can find out how much of data you have sent or received during all chats. Save data when using Whats App on Mobile networks If you are roaming, or if you are on a slow or expensive data network, you can choose to reduce your data consumption by selecting what you want to automatically download.

Now you can probably find out who is your good pal. You can choose to selectively download video, photo or audio when you are roaming.

Additionally, you can also click on ‘Low data usage’ to reduce the amount of data used during a Whats App call. Mute chats and groups If you are on a group that sends too many messages across or if your friend sends you too many unwanted messages, you can simply mute the group or contact to stop alerting you.

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