Replication error updating replica

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Replication error updating replica

First, we’re going to have to understand a little bit about how replication works in Postgres.Postgres commits all changes to a (write-ahead log) for durability reasons.

This necessitates an easy way of measuring how far behind a replica is, and the WAL’s LSN is perfect for this use.It’s configured with a number of read replicas that are configured with Postgres replication to receive changes from the primary.When performing a read, the tries to route it to one of a random replica that’s sufficiently caught up to fulfill the operation for a particular user.Even as part of a normal application’s workload (barring analytical queries that can be even more complex), we might join on two or three different tables in order to perform an eager load, or even just have to read out a few dozen rows to accurately render a response.A mature application might execute hundreds of queries to fulfill even a single request, and farming these out to replicas would yield huge benefits in reducing pressure on the primary.We’ll be using the Sequel gem, which can be configured with a primary and any number of read replicas.

Replicas are assigned names like For demo purposes it’s useful to create a small locally-running cluster with a primary and some replicas.A user might update some key details, and then go to view their changes and see stale data representing the pre-update state.closely, and probably spend most of their time less than a second out of date.This has the major advantage of efficiency (it’s fast to copy files around, and has negligible cost to the primary), but with a tradeoff of how closely any secondary can be following its primary – secondaries will be at least as behind as the current segment that’s still being written.Another common configuration for consuming WAL is “streaming”, where WAL is emitted by the primary to replicas over an open connection., helping to distribute load between more nodes in the system by re-routing queries that don’t need to run on the primary.

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