Ring tree dating

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Over the past hundred years or so, tree ring sequences have been built for various species all over the world, with the longest to date consisting of a 12,460-year sequence in central Europe completed on oak trees by the Hohenheim Laboratory, and an 8,700 year-long bristlecone pine sequence in California.

A recent dendrochronological study (Eckstein) of wooden artifacts and building rafters within the Medieval town of Lübeck, Germany is an example of the myriad ways the technique can be used.

The ring measurements taken from trees with overlapping ages can extend knowledge of climates back thousands of years.

Wolffia using a increment borer to age-date an old sierra juniper (Juniperus occidentalis var.

See the cal BP discussion for additional information about radiocarbon calibration.

Tree-ring dating works because a tree grows larger--not just height but gains girth--in measurable rings each year in its lifetime.

Regional long-term growth trends in the trees are responding strongly to the changing environment of water stress and warming temperatures.

Wang and Zhao used dendrochronology to look at the dates of one of the Silk Road routes used during the Qin-Han period called the Qinghai Route.

Environmental inputs into the cambium are primarily regional climatic variations, changes in temperature, aridity, and soil chemistry, which together are encoded as variations in the width of a particular ring, in the wood density or structure, and/or in the chemical composition of the cell walls.

At its most basic, during dry years the cambium's cells are smaller and thus the layer is thinner than during wet years.

Dendrochronology, also called tree-ring dating, the scientific discipline concerned with dating and interpreting past events, particularly paleoclimates and climatic trends, based on the analysis of tree rings.

Samples are obtained by means of an increment borer, a simple metal tube of small diameter that can be driven into a tree to get a core extending from bark to centre.

Because of that precision, dendrochronology is used to calibrate ​radiocarbon dating, by giving science a measure of the atmospheric conditions which are known to cause radiocarbon dates to vary.

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