Robbie ivy dating

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Robbie ivy dating

Gip’s Place still offers music and dancing on Saturday nights.It’s BYOB with lots of food typically being cooked on the grill.

This classic, large dance hall is still family owned and operated.

Live music is offered Wednesday through Saturday night. Started in the early 1960s by Willie “Po’ Monkey” Seaberry—who still owns the place—this legendary juke joint is pretty much in the middle of nowhere.

Situated in the heart of the Delta blues country, Red Paden’s place is the real deal. These days it’s open only on Thursdays, but you should visit this shack to get a real taste of what juke joints used to be like.

Everyone seems to be easily distracted by the shiny and new.

But juke joints and dance halls are the bedrock of Southern nightlife.

Mercer Street, though, was just opened in 2013 by Gay and Nicholas Dotin and has quickly established itself as a top-notch music and dancing venue just west of Austin.

Known more as a honky-tonk (the world’s largest honky-tonk, actually), this 127,000-square-foot establishment opened in 1981 and hosts concerts that have patrons boot scootin’.

It has been holding dances on the first Saturday of each month for more than 140 years.

It offers plenty of dancing and a cash bar serving beer, wine, and soda.

Across the tracks—literally—from the more upscale Ground Zero, which Red was once quoted as calling “prefab,” Red’s Blues Club definitely takes you back in time. The directions are simple: If you’re on Po Monkey Road, you won't miss it.

Opened in 1948 by local entrepreneur Johnny Jones, this juke joint changed hands numerous times before being bought by B. Albert, Texas, may be the town that has been sold time and time again, but what is always constant is the dance hall.

It’s a great venue that draws quality acts, but shows are scheduled for only one night a month.

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