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The only touch of inlay on the entire thing is the SCGC logo at the sixteenth fret. And it’s got that new-guitar tightness to the tone, but we could already guess what this guitar will sound like in a year.Tone Beyond Imagination As previously mentioned, this guitar is . In fact, we’re hoping that whoever owns this guitar will play it in and send us a recording of it a year from now. Brazilian is the best tonewood ever, and nothing about this guitar creates a lick of doubt about that.

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The Adirondack top was cut in the ‘40s; it’s a gorgeously aged bright golden yellow with remarkably straight and even grain, finished with vintage varnish.

It Santa Cruz has friends out in the world, friends who know they’re always looking for amazing wood stashes that they can turn into incredible guitars.

Somebody found some Brazilian rosewood that had been cut in the 1930s and forgotten about, called up Richard Hoover and asked him if he’d like to take a look at it. ” was probably not what he said, but we’re sure it crossed his mind. and the rest, well, it’s kind of like history, except for the part where it’s happening now.

It occurred to us to wonder, given Rice’s association with Santa Cruz, whether that guitar might have played a role in the creation of this one. The “dalmation” pickguard is another nod to the ‘30s dreadnoughts, and it does seem at home here.

The fretboard is highly polished Brazilian, bound with white ivoroid.

Let’s just get that out of the way right now: ,000.

Okay, the average guitar player’s car isn’t worth that much, but… We all shook our heads, several times over, but kept coming back to, “How much would you pay for the Holy Grail?

” Given the limited availability of these guitars, and knowing how the collectors market has performed over the past few decades, this guitar will eventually be worth many times that. We’re not entirely sure, divine intervention may have played a role…

but we are hugely honored and grateful to Richard Hoover of Santa Cruz, and to the owner of this guitar (at a five-figure price point, these are not made on spec) for allowing us the opportunity to spend a little time with it so we can share the experience with our readers.

The Final This-is-NOT-a-Review Mojo There’s no way to “rate” this guitar—it’s ridiculously special.

PG’s standard “buy if/skip if” format is also utterly irrelevant.

(Seriously, whoever you are, we would like this very much.) It’s everything we mentioned above about dreadnoughts generally (loud, clear, balanced, rich, bassy and brilliant) but it’s on steroids. We will let the sound clips do most of the talking for us, because words like “wow,” and “holy…” and “oh, f***, do you that? The most sensible thing any of us could muster was Pat’s comment: “This is the most nicely balanced D I have ever played.” Brazilian requires a firm touch to really get the wood to do what it does—if you’re at all timid about your playing, Brazilian is not the wood for you.

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