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Parks commission member Ed Persike said the road winding through Del Puerto Canyon was never designed for the 50,000- to 70,000-pound rigs hauling the water.The heavy trucks leave pot holes, cracks and buckling asphalt.

“They have a right to do what they are doing, and yet they are tearing up our road.

Adobe Springs’ magnesium-rich flow is good for preventing heart attacks, strokes, migraine headaches and cramps, among other health benefits, said Mason, who claims his business saves 100 lives a year.

“If we could sell all of our water, we would be saving 500 lives a year,” he said. (County officials) are shooting themselves in the foot if they are trying to shut me down.” Mason, 72, lives at the spring in a mountainous location so secluded it gets no mail service. The spring produced 117 million gallons annually for decades and then five years of drought reduced it to 60 million gallons.

Mason notes that a glass of water recommended by the World Health Organization should contain magnesium at 25 milligrams per liter.

The magnesium content of Adobe Springs water is 110 mg/L, while most bottled water in the United States has less than 6 mg/L, he said.

Most recently, the county Parks and Recreation Commission heard about the problem from the manager of Frank Raines Park, which is 16 miles west of Patterson near the remote western edge of the county.

Adobe Springs, just west of Frank Raines, is the source of Noah’s Water, sold by the Seven-Up Bottling Co. The big rigs hauling the water to Modesto, and other companies that buy it, share the two-lane Del Puerto Canyon Road with enthusiasts headed to the Frank Raines off-road-vehicle park, cattle ranchers and people just out for a drive.Paul Mason says the magnesium-rich water from Adobe Springs is saving lives and his business contributes to the state and local economy.Some Stanislaus County officials are concerned that large trucks hauling the fresh spring water are tearing up Del Puerto Canyon Road, west of Patterson, and cause an unacceptable expense to the county road budget.The issue may finally to come to a head in a dispute between the county and the owner of the natural site that gave rise to the Noah’s Spring Water brand.County officials have heard complaints about the road damage for years.County Supervisor Jim De Martini, who has heard the complaints since first taking office in 2004, said the road wear is bad on the right lane where tanker trucks carry the loads downhill.

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