Scottish marriage and dating customs

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Scottish marriage and dating customs - dating a man in an open relationship

Finally the banns gave way to a simple announcement of intent to get married and the obtaining of a marriage license from the local registrar.

The wedding reception is filled with music, signing, much drinking and toasting to the health and happiness of the new couple.In this way the ancient forms are still respected but in a more modern way.Another ancient custom was called creeling the bridegroom.The couple are either bag piped down the isle or traditional Gaelic hymns are played as they walk to the alter.The Highland Wedding is played at virtually all Scottish weddings.Following the ceremony the entire wedding party would be piped (led by bagpipers) to a relatives home for a lavish wedding reception/party.

Here the pipers would play lively up-beat tunes for hours on end and outdoor feasting and dancing and general merrymaking would begin and often last the entire night.On the day of the wedding virtually the entire village would turn out to form a procession leading the happy couple to the church, where two wedding services were traditionally held.The first service was held just outside the doors of the church, where the priest would marry the couple in the Scottish language.Following the ceremony the bride and groom and all their honored guests head to a private home or to a restaurant for a lavish reception feast.At the typical Scottish reception you can count on the bride and groom being piped to the table of honor, where the bride will cut the first slice of wedding cake using a dirk (a long-bladed knife) that is provided to her by the piper.Todays husband may not be aware that the custom originated to keep evil spirits from entering his wife through her feet, but the custom is performed nonetheless.

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