Sedating dog acepromazine

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Sedating dog acepromazine - yorku dating

The tip of the tail and didn't touch his head either. We can't afford the vet or a groomer but I've been a vet tech so sedating him is an option.He's never been outside either,and can't stand strangers either.

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After several "cup rinse baths", I put the cat directly into the sink full of warm water, slowly, and held her head.

Sorry for rambling just explaining...clippers did you end up getting & where? If your cat is that scared and bites during a shave, you should take him to a groomer at the vets.

I look online and prices are 0-290 and higher which I don't have. They can sedate the cat (kitty valium) and then you won't have to deal with any issues. :)Regarding "kitty valium", go to a vet and ask for a sedative. The pills are 10 mg each, but every animal has a different tolerance level.

Now the problem that I mentionned earlier about the cheap trimmer can be seen in the pictures.

Basically the one I bought wasn't powerfull enough to trim the fur but since I had already started I didn't want to leave him hanging so I cut most of it with cisors (bad idea... I didn't pay enough attention and actually cut one of his nipples, he didn't cry or whine but he was bleeding a bit.

This way I could give her a good soak, to help remove soak and remove the scabs.

Likewise, the sink sprayer can be learned to be tolerated.

You do have to hold the cat firmly at some points but most of the time he didn't move that much.

I think he knew what I was doing and at some point actually started enjoying it.

very long and alergies did catch up to me...) Once I exchanged for the better trimmer it was a completely different storry. Obviously be carefull with the privates as well as they are just as sensitive.

He, on the other hand was QUITE unwilling to go under a second time in 2 days... Having seen shaved cats before I kind of knew what the usual trim looks like so basically I left the end of the paws intact. My cat looks similar to yours but 30pds mostly muscle but about 1/3 furrier.

I once had a few sheep and the sheep shearer cut off a nipple.

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