Separated dating rules

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Separated dating rules - dating again at 50

They were very good and helped with my application for divorce.

I was aware that something wasn't right in our relationship, but I guess I was in denial because I didn't want to consider the break up of what had been a very happy marriage up until that point.

My ex-wife has come back (yet again) with a bid for residency.

I shall, of course, fight it, in court if necessary, and I won't let her win.

Another lesson, never lose your temper when fighting legal battles, try to stay calm, focused and logical.

Then started a year of legal battles over the residency of our son.

Shortly after, she went to see a solicitor and I started getting official letters demanding all kinds of things.

But as I had a solicitor myself to deal with these things, I wasn't bullied into anything foolish, again counted my blessings on getting a reputable solicitor so soon after it all happened.

Obviously it couldn't go on like this forever and when I discovered I'd caught a STI (from my wife as I certainly wasn't involved in any other relationships! We did attempt to patch things up, for the child's sake, but not long after, just before Christmas, I came home to find my house stripped of all possessions worth taking, and my wife and son missing.

There was a letter on the table saying she and my son had 'gone to live with a better man' and a very strong hint that I might as well top myself because she was going to take the house and everything else I owned.

To get 'even' with me she had me arrested for an alleged assault and attempted rape that never happened.

After arresting me, locking me in a cell and interrogating me, the police were so convinced nothing had happened they let me go with a great deal of sympathy.

We agreed a schedule, but immediately she started messing around with it and changing days on a whim – so I was often left sat in a cold car for hours waiting for my son.

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