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When he reappeared, there was a magical beverage, and when he set it down, he asked again, “Can you read the menu? “Beer OK,” I replied in English, and he disappeared behind a curtain, like a wizard.

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Apparently, these things are quite normal for people from New Jersey. Then after dinner, Kurtis peaced out, caught the train, and I was faced with a dilemma.

Of course, we covered all the usual ground with the proprietor, and he couldn’t help but remark on how well I used chopsticks or how incredible it was that I could eat octopus sashimi.

Consequently, it’s made me want to reach at least fluent level of Japanese before I ever make the trip.—-is that a Spanish name? It was a hot, gray day, and I finished work early then hustled to the station. Like if I saw a guy and I thought he looked homosexual, should I shout, “Yo, gay pride!

I mean, is it really all right to publicly single people out? Those two always don’t coincide, but hey, you still gotta have goals. The place was empty—-it was still early—-and the owner walked out to greet me.

“Fish,” he said in English, then turned to Kurtis, and in Japanese asked, “What will you be having to drink? Sometimes it doesn’t happen for a few days, other times, all day long. Maybe white people do this to black people in the U. ” But when I met a black guy, suddenly my voice rose in intonation and I said, “Yo man, wha’s ? But now I’m worried that I was a complete a-hole to a large percentage of the American population. The problem was that at this point, I had three choices: 1. Put on a clean shirt, brush my teeth, and ride the train for half an hour to a bar. I’ll also mention that Choice 2 means paying six dollars a beer and eating some truly horrible soggy fish and chips and ending up with my wallet forty bucks lighter. I know some small neighborhood bars where a glass of shochu is 70 cents and you can get a nice dried squid for a buck. A sea of Japanese faces looked at me, gasped, and immediately someone said in English, “Welcome!

I guess if you’re a tourist, you might not notice it so much. You can be here for a week, a year, or a decade, and it’ll still happen. Like, I always thought I dealt with everyone equally, but now thinking back, well, when I met a white guy, I probably said, “Hey, what’s up? I wasn’t even conscious of this stuff until I’d lived in Japan for a few years. Note that just taking a shower and going to bed at a reasonable hour is not one of the choices. I looked at the red paper lanterns out front, said a silent prayer for Japanese God to grant me tolerance, and slid open the sliding door.

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