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Humans have always excelled at being an unsettled, roving species.

In our modern, industrialised age, natural disasters are still able to destroy whole communities; when the Chaitén Volcano erupted in May 2008, the entire town was evacuated.During those 12,000 years or so, humanity has settled and abandoned on an epic scale, from small villages in Celtic Britain to the across what’s now the Anatolian plains of Turkey.This process continues today, and may question whether, given time, metropolises like New York, London and Hong Kong will suffer a similar fate.Its century old cemetery, standing alone in a large plain with its crooked headstones, provides an almost sinister reminder of this deserted town’s very human past. Situated on the Andean slopes over 2,000m high, this once thriving town had over 15,000 residents, a cinema, a fire station, hospital and shops.Sewell’s residents prospered, despite the awkward location of the town (built on a steep mountainside, accessible only by steep staircases).In total, 642 innocents lost their lives on that fateful day.

Although the village was rebuilt to the northwest of the site of the bloodbath and remains to this day, Charles De Gaulle had initially confirmed after World War Two that the original village was to remain.After the Greco-Turkish War of 1919-1922, Kayaköy’s almost exclusively Greek Christian population of 2,000 was sent back to Greece, leaving the entire area deserted, its dwellings and two Greek Orthodox churches abandoned.Hope remains, however, with some houses redeveloped for modern occupation, although the area retains its hauntingly abandoned quality to this day. In the summer of 1995, the Soufrière Hills Volcano erupted violently, covering the southern region of Montserrat in ash, and decimating Plymouth, the capital and seat of government.But this was only the beginning of a controversial and on-going catastrophe.After the Blanco River flooded the town as a result of the eruption, destroying much of its infrastructure, Chaitén became completely uninhabitable.Uninhabited since 1965, despite a few hardy souls establishing a camp in the summer months, the island boasts a number of abandoned fisherman’s houses, a church and a school, as well as an impressive ship’s hull which has attracted numerous photographers over the decades.

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