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This arrangement proved to be unsatisfactory for the Chickasaws.

Until 1874, there had been agencies for the individual tribes (the agencies for the Choctaws and Chickasaws, however, were consolidated).The original counties of the Chickasaw District were Panola, Wichita, Caddo, and Perry.When the Chickasaw Nation proper was organized under the treaty of 1855, the country was again divided into four counties called Panola, Pickens, Tishomingo, and Pontotoc.Arranged alphabetically by county and then alphabeti­cally by surname.Census rolls of Pickens and Pontotoc counties in the Chickasaw Nation. Includes Maytubby’s roll of 1893 and Iishatubby’s roll of 1893.The act also created the positions of inspec­tor for Indian Territory and superintendent of schools.

In 1905, the commis­sion was reduced to a single commissioner, and in 1907, the position of inspector was combined with that of commission­er.

Contains names of head of family, indication of wife, number of children, total number in family, and name of person receiving payment. List of persons registered in Masholatubby District for Chickasaw Annuity of 1878 resulting from the Leased District claim.

Contains unidentified number, name, number of men, women, and children, and total number in family.

A record prepared on printed forms of “Living Members of the Five Civilized Tribes Owning Restricted Indian Allotted Land, 30 June 1927.” The information contained on the form in­cludes the individual’s name, Dawes enrollment number, tribe, degree of Indian blood, age, sex, ability to read and write English, schools attended, marital status, health, occupa­tion, legal descrip­tion of land owned, and an opinion as to the person’s compe­tency.

An agreement between the Chickasaws and Choctaws signed at Doaksville on 17 January 1837 (11 Stat., 573) permitted the Chickasaws to settle in the Choctaw Nation with all the rights of Choctaw citizens.

The reports appear to include only Indians living in Carter, Garvin, Love, and Murray counties.

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