Sex dating in cheltenham pennsylvania

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Sex dating in cheltenham pennsylvania

Jamison Bachman made the news in 2013 when a woman accused him of trashing a West Philadelphia home she owned and refusing to leave.

According to other public documents, Jamison returned to the Philadelphia area in recent years from New York, where he had incurred debts.Jamison Bachman was arraigned Sunday evening on charges of first and third degree murder in Montgomery County, and was ordered held without bail.According to an affidavit of probable cause, Caroline Bachman told investigators she and her husband recently posted bail for Jamison.Other locals are more philosophical about the case, with some glad Cosby is facing charges, and others troubled that he lives so near to their town. Local Paul Herr lives near the courthouse and after seeing police block up the street wentoutsideto watch the hullabaloo."I was proud that our small town of Elkins Park had finally brought the schoolyard bully to account. Ellen Sheppard said she saw Cosby's stately mansion for the first time Wednesday while on her way to the dentist."I've been following this and I've just been horrified," she said. He had sometimes stayed with Harry and his wife, police said.

Records list more than one address for Jamison in Philadelphia; sometimes he used his brother’s Elkins Park address.

got its day on the national stage when Bill Cosby was arraigned on sex assault charges there.

Locals who came home to find their town transformed into a media staging area were not amused.

On Sunday, Jamison Bachman was charged with beating to death the brother who had helped him.

Friday evening, Harry, an architect with degrees from Cornell and Drexel Universities, was getting ready to drive his red Ford Escape from his 1930s-era home in the 400 block of North Sterling Drive in the Elkins Park section of Cheltenham Township to join his wife near Saratoga, N. “Guess who just showed up just as I drove in,” Bachman texted to his wife, Caroline, a psychologist, at p.m. Less than a minute later, Caroline Bachman received a brief, misspelled message, assuring that Harry Bachman would start the four-hour ride “in 0 minuets.” By Saturday morning, her husband still hadn’t arrived, and she called police. Michael Regan led a group of officers to the home shortly after noon on Saturday.

'" recalled Dan Kalinowksi, who lives down the street from the courthouse.