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If you and your partner like to keep things interesting This week Denver is offering up some of the most extraordinary art experiences of the year, including MOMIX's performance of Opus Cactus, the Denver Art Museum's Untitled Final Friday and TRIANGLE — Transcenden Over the past few years, boutique fitness studios have undergone a mind-blowing surge in popularity throughout Denver as well as across the nation.With a recorded 450 percent increase in boutique studios sin Dating is hard, but planning dates is harder.

But the university relied upon an investigative model that wasn't merely ill-equipped to determining the truth—it was positively opposed to the principles of justice.After suspending the plaintiff, Tracy-Ramirez summoned him to appear before her in person.He would have just this one chance to prove his innocence to her.It's little wonder that Tracy-Ramirez eventually decided—based on a preponderance of the evidence standard—that the plaintiff was guilty: at no point did the university equip him with the tools to defend himself.Twisting the knife a bit further, the university denied the plaintiff the right to appeal.The Low Down: Outgoing people looking for love to audition for The Bachelor and Photo courtesy of Gociety Nearly 15 percent of all young adults (18-24) in America have used an online or mobile dating service, a number that has tripled since 2013.

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A couple things caused her to re-contextualize the alleged encounter as rape: the plaintiff started telling his fraternity brothers that he had slept with her; she began dating a fraternity brother who disliked the plaintiff; and she had a conversation with Doe 2.

It's unclear whether Doe 1 was intoxicated during the encounter.

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The holidays are officially in full swing with the start of October, and we know you’re looking for ways to war With age, opportunities to make friends and new connections become more sparse. Your sweetie’s already texting you on what you’re doing next Tuesday night even though you usually just go home, watch Netflix with no pants and snack on lunch Looking to find a last minute valentine or maybe you just want some other ways to occupy your single AF self on the day of love?

The first victim, in fact, was initially unable to recall whether they had engaged in sexual activity at all.