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Pope, III Chairman, Judicial Screening Committee DATE: January 31, 1991 In compliance with the provisions of Act 119 of 1975, it is respectfully requested that the following information be printed in the Journals of the Senate and the House. I WOULD ANTICIPATE THAT WE WILL NOT HAVE ANY LENGTHY HEARINGS UNTIL LATER IN THE MORNING. He was born in Columbia, South Carolina on September 29, 1938. Sanders, "Three Strategies for the Trial Lawyer: Modest Proposals," , 1412 (1980). Chief Judge Sanders delivered the opinion of the court, reversing the lower court and remanding the case.

He was elected by the General Assembly as Chief Judge of the SC Court of Appeals and has served since September, 1983. Five significant orders or opinions written: (a) , 331 S. As You blessed and led the Children of Israel, so bless and shelter us under the umbrella of Your love, according to Your understanding of our needs. (AN EXECUTIVE SESSION OF THE JUDICIAL SCREENING COMMITTEE WAS HELD PRIOR TO ITS BEING CALLED TO ORDER.) REP. In addition, he has lectured at numerous South Carolina JCLE and CLE programs. Deliberations were opened with prayer by the Chaplain of the House of Representatives, the Rev. Bless all who are dear to us, wherever they are, that all may follow You at every step of our daily lives. The candidates were present at the screenings and testified under oath. He Attended the University of Virginia, 6/88 -8/89, earning a LLM Degree 5/90. College Activities: Student Senate, USC, 1958-59; President, USC Law Federation (Law School student body), Summer 1962; South Carolina Law Review, l962; Class Vice President, University of Virginia Graduate Program for Judges, l988-90. JCLE Evidence Seminar, 2-85, Columbia; JCLE Rules of Civil Procedure Seminar, 6-85, Charleston; JCLE Family Court Seminar, 8-85, Columbia; JCLE Circuit Court Seminar, 10-85, Columbia; JCLE Equitable Distribution Seminar, 12-85, Columbia; JCLE Trial Management Seminar, 2-86, Columbia; JCLE Family Court Seminar, 4-86, Columbia; JCLE Specialized Trial Problems Seminar, 6-86, Columbia; ABA Convention, Judicial Administration Division Programs, 8-86, New York, NY.; ABA Council of Chief Judges Seminar, 10-86, New Orleans, La.; JCLE Seminar on Adoption and Equitable Distribution Statutes, 12-86, Columbia; JCLE Criminal Law Seminar, 2-86, Columbia; ABA Convention, Judicial Administration Division Programs, 8-87, San Francisco, Ca.; JCLE Appeals and Administrative Procedure Seminar, 10-87, Columbia; JCLE Family Court Seminar, 11-87, Columbia; JCLE Criminal Law Update, 1-88; JCLE Child Abuse Cases Seminar, 3-88; JCLE Circuit Court Seminar, 5-88; JCLE Evidence & Statutory Law Update, 11-88; JCLE Criminal Law Update, 1-89; JCLE Child Victim in Court, 2-89; Appellate Judges Seminar 3-89; JCLE Issues in Civil Litigation, 4-89; JCLE Items of Interest, 10-89; JCLE Issues in Family Law, 11-89; JCLE Criminal Law Update, 1-90; JCLE Circuit and Family Court Seminar, 3-90; ABA Council of Chief Judges Seminar, 10-87, 88, 89; South Carolina Judicial Conference, 8-85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90. Teaching Positions and Lectures: Adjunct Faculty, University of South Carolina, 9-64 to present, Columbia; Instructor, American Institute of Banking, various lectures, Columbia; Instructor, Certified Property and Casualty Underwriters School, various lectures, Columbia; Adjunct Faculty, Harvard Law School (Trial Advocacy Workshop), 1-82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, Cambridge, Mass. AND PRIOR TO THAT, 1983 WHEN YOU WERE INITIALLY ELECTED TO THE SEAT OF THE CHIEF JUDGE OF THE COURT OF APPEALS. There is a divorce action pending where he is the moving party. He attended SC State College, 1956-60, earning a BSA Degree. Judge Cureton issued the opinion of the court in this divorce action which dealt with issues of alimony, equitable distribution, and attorney fees. He was married to Joan Milligan Cureton on December 31, 1979. Judge Cureton reversed the lower court, holding that an employee-at-will had no right to recover damages for termination of his employment on the basis of outrage, intentional interference with a contract, and bad faith termination of a contract. Hodges Pursuant to Act 119 of 1975, this Committee was convened to consider the qualifications of candidates seeking reelection to the Appeals Court and to the At Large seats on the Circuit Court. The SC Tax Commission made claim against him in 1980 for the collection of income tax (less than 5).

WE DO HAVE PERSONS WHO HAVE INDICATED A DESIRE AND HAVE PROPERLY FILED AFFIDAVITS TO BE HEARD ON A NUMBER OF THESE CASES BUT I BELIEVE ALL OF THEM ARE THE RETIRED JUDGES; SO, WE WILL DISPOSE OF THE SITTING JUDGES. Home Address: Business Address: 406 Springlake Road South Carolina Court Columbia, SC 29556 of Appeals P. In addition to these, a number of his lectures at JCLE and CLE seminars have been published in the journals of those proceedings. Legal Experience since graduation from law school: 1962-63 Associate, firm of Belser & Belser, Columbia 1963-74 Private practice, Columbia, (in association with various lawyers) 1974-83 Senior Partner, Sanders & Quakenbush, Columbia 1983 "Of Counsel," Adams, Quakenbush, Herring & Stuart, Columbia 1983-now Chief Judge, SC Court of Appeals 1965-now Adjunct Professor, USC 1982-89 Harvard Law School, Winter Semesters 20. The reversal was based upon the trial court's erroneous admission of prejudicial hearsay evidence offered from a police officer relating to statements allegedly made by the wife of the defendant charged with armed robbery. Clark as follows: O God, Who by Your Providence did lead our forefather to this great Nation in which we live, we ask You to ever guide our Nation in the way of peace and truth that we may never fail to receive the blessing which You have promised to that people Whose God is the Lord. Those documents may be viewed in the office of the Judicial Screening Committee in Room 402 Gressette Building until the date and time of the election. He attended USC 9/56 - 6/57, 1/58-8/59, receiving a B. Degree and the School of Law from 1959-1963, receiving a LLB Degree (replaced by a JD Degree in 1970). Judge Sanders delivered the opinion of the court in this child abuse and neglect case in which he concluded that the lower court was correct in deciding that excessive corporal punishment inflicted upon a 13-year old girl by her father was excessive and constituted child abuse as defined by statute and also that the child abuse statute in question was not unconstitutional on freedom of religion grounds. Give us the assurance of the Psalmist when he wrote: "The Lord is the strength of my life" (Psalm 27:1). Pursuant to Rule 6.3, the House of Representatives was led in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America by the SPEAKER. ROGERS: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, IF YOU WILL GIVE ME YOUR ATTENTION, I WILL CALL THE SCREENING COMMITTEE TO ORDER. Army, SN #FRl4641940, Active duty July 1, 1957-December 31, 1957; U. (The South Carolina Bar can supply a complete list if necessary.) He also lectured at "Bridge the Gap" (a one-week course required by the South Carolina Supreme Court for applicants to the Bar) 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90; and spoke at the ABA Council of Chief Judges of Courts of Appeal Seminars, 10-87, 88. In an action involving the interpretation of a restrictive covenant regarding developer approval of building plans in a subdivision, Chief Judge Sanders affirmed the lower court. THERE IS ALSO A FEDERAL CIVIL RIGHTS ACTION MAINTAINED BY AN INMATE AGAINST, I BELIEVE, ALL THE MEMBERS OF THE COURT OF APPEALS IN 1989 AND THAT WAS SUMMARILY DISMISSED BY JUDGE PERRY; IS THAT CORRECT? AS IT TURNED OUT, HE MEANT TO SUE THE SUPREME COURT. THAT INMATE ALLEGED VARIOUS IMPROPRIETIES ON OUR BEHALF. He authored the Bridge The Gap materials for Masters-In-Equity. Legal experience since graduation from law school: June '67-Dec. He was elected by the General Assembly as a Family Court Judge in February, 1982 and as an Associate Judge on the Court of Appeals in July 1983. Five significant orders or opinions written: (a) , 280 S. I BELIEVE YOU WERE NAMED AS A PARTY BY VIRTUE OF HOLDING A MORTGAGE ON THAT PROPERTY. I HAD FORGOTTEN ABOUT THAT, FRANKLY, UNTIL I HAD GOT THE PACKAGE AND I NOTED THAT THE MORTGAGE WAS IN THE PRINCIPAL AMOUNT OF 0.

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