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The offering of the soma ( Agnistoma ) -- a nectar obtained by the pressing of some plants -- took place in the spring; the sacrifice lasted an entire day, and was a universal holiday for the people.

Later Dr Jackson accused the Bishop of Lincoln, the Rt Rev Robert Hardy, of being part of a conspiracy to get rid of him.Hardy, "Die vedisch-brahmanisehe Periode der Religion des alten Indiens", Münster, 1892, p. Modern Hinduism with its numberless sects honours Vishnu and Shiva as chief deities.As a cult it is distinguished from ancient Vedism mainly by its temple service.In the biggest ecclesiastical scandal of the the century, he was unfrocked after the court was shown numerous photographs of Mr Davidson in embraces with semi-clad women.The rector, who spent much of the week in Soho, had claimed that he wanted to persuade them to give up vice.The idea of this sacrifice was to provide the gods of light with another steed for their heavenly yoke.

At first, instead of the sacrifice of the horse, human sacrifice seems to have been in vogue, so that here also the idea of substitution found expression.The actual offering of the sacrifices, which was never effected without fire, took place either in the houses or in the open air; temples were unknown.Among the various sacrifices two were conspicuous: the soma offering and the sacrifice of the horse.For the later Indians had a saying: "At first the gods indeed accepted men as sacrificial victims.Then the sacrificial efficacy passed from them to the horse. They accepted the horse, but the sacrificial efficacy went to the steer, sheep, goat, and finally to rice and barley: Thus for the instructed a sacrificial cake made of rice and barley is of the same value as these [five] animals" (cf.We shall consider successively: (1) Among the Indians The Vedism of the ancient Indies was, to an extent never elsewhere attained, a sacrificial religion connected with the deities Agni and Soma.