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If there were ever a time to believe a paid hype person, it may be now.The fashion industry — that immovable rock barring the road between the beautiful and the rest of us — is showing signs of, well, moving.

Holliday inspects a chin pimple in the rearview mirror. When I talked to Shillinglaw, she alluded to a secret project with photographer David La Chapelle and told me to expect to see Holliday in the glossy high-fashion magazines.

“Past a size 18, there’s no one besides me,” she says.

“There’s not an 18, there’s not a 20, there’s not another 22.”Not that she’s complaining: “I literally have accomplished my wildest dreams,” she tells me in the car.

And there’s plenty of work for her right where she is.

There are more plus-size clothing lines than ever before.

Her birdlike legs dangle above the floor.“What am I going to do, leave you to die? “I don’t care about the photo shoot.”After about an eternity, the doctor wheels in what looks like a portable record player but is actually some kind of breathing machine that makes a sound like a jackhammer while Terri sucks air through a plastic mask.

She keeps moving the mask to tell me about Holliday.“You see how bighearted she is?Her real name is Ryann Hoven, but I won’t know this until much later, when we’re a couple drinks in at a tiki bar older than time. Terri needs to get to the doctor — something about emphysema and juniper bushes — but she’s stuck out in Pasadena with no ride and no cash, and there’s been some kind of insurance snafu.When we meet she’s Tess Holliday, plus-size model and social media phenomenon, and she’s sitting with her fiancé and her stylist in her stylist’s Burbank, California, apartment with clips in her auburn hair. Holliday has a photo shoot at Buzz Feed’s Hollywood studio in two hours, before which she needs to be transformed into Venus, the Roman goddess of sex and fertility.Some plus-size supermodels have launched careers abroad, like Robyn Lawley, the first plus-size model to appear in Vogue Australia or any issue of GQ (see her November 2013 spread in GQ Australia).She became a Ralph Lauren model and made it into this year’s Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue. In April, France voted to ban models under a certain BMI.She thought Holliday was “a cool size with an incredible face.” And, Shillinglaw adds, “She had more social media stats than all the top plus-size models put together.”Holliday has complicated feelings about her online popularity.

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