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One witness described 50 boys "queuing" to rape her.

Less than one in three gang rapes are reported, while less than 1 in 20 attempted but failed gang rapes are reported.

In July 2013, the son of a Chinese general was charged with four other men to being part of a gang rape.

This case raised significant public anger over seemingly privileged treatment of elite gang rape criminals.

35% of those who have committed gang rapes against women have also committed additional rapes where the victim was a man.

The motives of rape included a combination of reasons.

Gang rapes often involve three or more men as perpetrators.

These rapes have characteristics beyond those found in rape by individuals; for example, gang rapists tend to be younger and serial in their crimes, the gang is more often under the influence of drugs or alcohol, of the same race or religion or place of residence thereby forming a close-knit peer pressure group, encouraged by the behavior of their fellow criminals.It is considered a group criminal spin because the most gang members perform this act only during a group interaction, "letting themselves" deviate from their everyday norms.On these occasions, the group interaction provides an "I can" component of a spin: Although each member does not usually sense an inner ability and permission to act in the criminal direction, i.e., to gang rape, the perceived power of the group supplies this sense and allows the act.Most covered and debated gang rapes tend to be those involving victim and rapists of different race or religion or social class.Gang rape can be interpreted as an example of a group criminal spin.In the same way, a group interaction may display an "I must" motive, thus social forces within the group directs it towards raping.

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