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Sex dating in ural historical montana

For at the court of these kings, everything was managed by means of decrees, and with maximum security, and nothing was done in an offhand or casual manner.

3) Genesis describes Abraham as living in the city Ur, and identifies that location with the Chaldeans. It is difficult to attribute the description of a funeral to the deceased.The Jews of Alexandria had gradually lost their knowledge of the ancient Hebrew language, and many had adopted the Hellenistic culture to some extent.In the document known as the Letter of Aristeas, which scholars believe was written by a Hellenistic Jew in the mid second century BC, an elaborate story is related about how the translation of the Pentateuch was done, and the reasons for it, and the circumstances.10) There are many verses in the Torah that state that something has lasted "to this day".That appears to have been written by a writer who composed the passages at a much later date.The arrangements of the Jewish and Christian canons differ considerably.

The Protestant and Roman Catholic arrangements more nearly match one another.

Whatever the specific date the translation occurred, evidence within the Bible itself, in the prophecy of Daniel chapter 8, suggests that changes to the cosmology of the Bible were ordered by the Seleucid king Antiochus IV (Greek king of Mesopotamia), who reigned in the second century B. These changes, in the guise of "corrections", probably first appeared in the Greek translation of the scriptures, and were subsequently introduced into the Hebrew text from the Greek.

The Letter of Aristeas indicates that when the Greek translation of the Bible appeared, it was claimed that the new Greek text was even more authoritative than the Hebrew text.

11) Numbers 12:3 states "Now the man Moses was very humble, more than all men who were on the face of the earth." (NKJ) If Moses were that humble, it is unlikely that he would have described himself in these terms.

12) Deuteronomy states "There has never been another prophet like Moses..." (NLT) This sounds like a passage written long after Moses' death..

The SEPTUAGINT, derived from the Latin word for "seventy," Septuagint, can be a confusing term, since it ideally refers to the mid 200 B. translation of the Hebrew Scriptures into Greek in Alexandria, Egypt.

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