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Sometimes her routine brought her near to where I was sitting and she would blow me a kiss or very lightly touch the head of my cock with her long sculpted fingers.

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She’ll tell me about what it felt like to have a stranger’s cock inside her body and I’ll tell her all about being in some slut’s mouth, cunt and ass.Sometimes we’ll spice up our love life by including another man (for her) or woman (for me) or couple (for us).On rare occasions Gwen will bed a strange man and I might fuck some unknown woman.As for looks, I consider myself to be average looking at best.I enjoy working out with weights, taking long walks along the lakefront, listening to music, and reading mystery novels.I reached out and grabbed for her ass as she swept by. When she finished, there was a glow about her that made her appear more beautiful and sexy than usual.

I could have jumped her right then, but Gwen wanted to take a hot bath to relax her muscles.

She asked me to join her in our bedroom in 30 minutes. My cock was oozing pre-cum and I desperately wanted to shoot my load, but I called up every reserve of willpower that I had and waited. Gwen was lying facedown on the bed, completely naked. She oohed and aahed and seemed to melt in my hands as I rubbed her feet.

Her legs were spread apart and I could clearly make out the bright pink slash between her dark chocolate thighs. Next, I gently but firmly rubbed and kneaded her back. Of course, there was the accidental (on purpose) touching of Gwen’s labia and opening of her vagina.

Naturally, my motives for watching her are not all innocent!

When Gwen practices, she tends to wear form-fitting clothes that cling to her physical attributes very nicely.

As I was finishing with her thighs, Gwen asked me to massage her butt cheeks. I started slowly, trying to pace myself, but soon I knew it was a lost cause.