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But why pay so much money for something you can do at home for free? Weary of a monotonous sex life that always seems to end with you feeling ashamed and filthy?

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The zombie apocalypse is the perfect reason to do what you’ve always wanted to do for your living significant others anyway: transform them into giant, sexually-active Barbie and Ken dolls!But I wanted to note that some of the media got it wrong yesterday — Rush did Have you seen the video of Limbaugh talking about Fox on his show?Scarborough played it over and over and over again this evening, and it’s absolutely grotesque because as he’s talking, Limbaugh is jerkily waving his arms and head around and mocking — yes, mocking — Fox’s jerky Parkinson movements for all he’s worth.That dashing, lantern-jawed Gucci model you see sometimes at Starbucks?The sultry sylph at your office with the wiggle in her walk?I think it may be the most repellent piece of political video I’ve ever seen.

If that gets a little more play, I’d say both Limbaugh and Talent are toast.Results from the telephone-based survey of more than 2,000 people found that: ) who logged about 30 hours of nonessential internet use per week (define “nonessential”) and visited pornography and gambling sites as well as chat rooms and shopping sites (uh … Here’s an interesting finding: “the research showed similarities between alcoholism and internet addiction in that users often hide their web surfing and use it to self-medicate.” I don’t know what that means.Does that mean that internet addiction a story, for some reason. I think it has something to do with the fact that Alex Keaton isn’t the Alex Keaton of the 1980’s (for a refresher, see photo at right).Remember, just like dating a living person, an undead lover is an emotionless meat puppet, disposable the moment you’ve satisfied your base and selfish urges…but unlike the living, you can just kick them out of bed, shoot them in the head, then go out and get yourself another! According to a just-completed study from researchers at Stanford’s School of Medicine, one in eight people show signs of “problematic internet use.” I read this, and decided to blog about it, which means I’m probably one of the eight.That, and the Flagrante-Strict tango duet ("Expose") were two of the three highlights of the night.

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    Yet even more mature men fail to show the requisite enthusiasm for her university projects — which include a radio documentary she recently produced on ‘the pressure that black women are under to adhere to white beauty stereotypes’.

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