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And then you give us a new goal, where your hero is trying to get 00 to make his rent that month, the audience isn’t going to go along with you.You just had the biggest artifact in the world driving your story and now you want us to care about ?

About Kenya: Kenyan women and men are catching up with the hip hop world as young artist try to get Westernized.

[x] wasn’t for me [ ] worth the read [ ] impressive [ ] genius What I learned: In a comedy script, interview scenes are gold.

From trying to get a job (Stepbrothers, Tootsie) to trying to get a date (40 Year Old Virgin).

The Something jumps right into its story (always preferred), as we observe our soon-to-be-astronauts during their astronaut interview process.

If you can’t do that, you need someone to help you figure it out.

As long as you understand the challenge that comes with this new variable, you should be okay writing a “changing-goals” script.

Which is something Rothman does with today’s script, The Something.

But if you tried the single-goal route and it feels restrictive, this route allows you to create a story with a little more variety.

I wish I liked the comedy as much as the structure here, but alas, The Something and its 10-second farts were too much for me.

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The reason the “changing goals” approach is tricky is because it requires an extra skill – each time a new goal is introduced, it must be bigger than the previous one.