Shy guy online dating profile

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Shy guy online dating profile

Yes, you may be flattering to see flooded with messages at first (if you are a woman) and for guys send messages to profiles you like.So you save time and energy if you stick to your own rules.

Also avoid timidity, submission, excessive humility. If you fall into that, your partner will not respect you as an equal.Men are visual, but also curious by nature, one or two pictures is enough to awaken them to want more.Women like honesty, so guys don’t alter your images with any software and post two or three recent images.It is your description, so do not hesitate to ask for exactly what you want.Consider what kind of man or woman you are looking, what you like about them, what is negotiable and what is not.Make two message templates, one for the guys to whom you don’t like, write to thank for their attention and wish them luck with other girls.

They get the message and you will not accumulate negativity.

And the other template for the guys that interest you.

Guys usually receive very few messages and hence you will have to contact a few girls you like.

Here are some tips for posting the right image for your profile.

To write online dating profile you should sound positive and at the same time make someone want you.

For example, specify the age range for your partner, he/she should not be married or divorced etc.