Signs you are dating the wrong girl

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Signs you are dating the wrong girl - dinner party dating site

Let’s face it, every one of us has a story or two about dating the wrong woman – the haunting nightmare that carried beyond its expiration date. Of course, that happened to, uh, someone I know, (sobs silently).

Are you wondering if the red flags are BIG enough reasons to break up?

The right woman wouldn’t call you names, demean you or your thoughts, cling to you like Velcro, or make every decision for you and the relationship. That witch Jessica and we all know, she’s the wrong girl for me, I mean, my friend.

This is my biggest bugaboo – I refuse to associate with people who have no ounce of decency for others.

Sacrifice – that’s what it takes plus a lot of time to make your relationship work and be successful. For some people, words don’t come easy, and for others, the words are there but they just don’t want to say them.

They fear what they say won’t match the other person’s opinion or simply they don’t want to deal with the situation.

(haha) So now, they are calling you a “flight risk.” Please, don’t pretend I’m the only one with weird friends.

If you have a girlfriend who treats you like property or pushes you around physically or verbally, you’re dating the wrong woman.Pay close attention to how she acts around people, specifically those in the service industry or a similar line of work.If she talks down to them, you’re dating the wrong woman.For a guy, there’s nothing that makes you want to rip your hair out more than a woman who flips her crazy switch back and forth from Angel to the spawn of Satan.Seriously, am I the only one has seen a woman be so sweet and loving one day and the next is foaming at the mouth, imagining punching you in the face for speaking to her?Admitting we all get a tad bit jealous from time to time, it’s completely natural, so don’t stress.

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