Sophos av not updating

10-Jul-2019 06:45 by 9 Comments

Sophos av not updating

Also, many users don't know what is difference between Virus and Riskware, and when they get these "Riskware" alerts, they still think that my tools are infected with a Virus named "Riskware".

One good example for that is my own password recovery tools: Most people need these tools to recover their own lost password.

Thus we needed to adjust for other changes in Share Point 2013 and fully test. Spence, Great post, Seems rather interesting to have an open architecture for plug-in AV, offer a product then discontinue only the AV product with hardly a viable replacement.

Id say its kind of like having a self inflicted gaping wound before you've figured out how your going to treat it.

But it works great, and has a number of nifty features. Hopefully the other vendors will get their act together, but time will tell. I happen to know some people at some of the vendors you mentioned. Would love to see a post sometime on why you think AV is needed or not for Share Point.

If you happen to work for those companies and have news for me, please get in touch and I can update this page (which I will review and update once a month). I know some of these vendors have a hard time selling AV for Share Point because they view it simply as a document repository.

Thank you for being on top of this and taking the time to keep the information accurate.

Antivirus is essential tool that most people need to protect their Windows operating system from Viruses, Trojans, and other bad stuff.However 3rd party vendors in this space have always been extremely slow to implement support for the latest version of Share Point or the host operating system.In some cases it’s the ability to run, in other cases it’s simply a matter of official support. Perhaps this post did a little to help push them into action. A very good company and you may be familiar with their work for client OS AV.Let’s take a look at the usual suspects in this space, such as they are. However, the ESET product remains an extremely attractive option, as it is the closet in terms of functionality to what Forefront Protection used to provide. This is the only vendor who has had the smarts to step into the void left by the discontinuation of Forefront.ESET Security for Microsoft Share Point Server The only downside is it’s currently a “beta” but the RTM is coming very soon. Right now the only option is ESET Security for Share Point.After all, antivirus companies know that Large companies have good lawyers and if they won't fix the problem, they may find themselves in a large lawsuit for libel. In the past, their tool that can be used to execute code on remote machine, was detected as Virus by some Antivirus programs, but today, when Sys Internals is a part of Microsoft, All Antiviruses show it's clean, asyou can see from this Virus Total report.

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