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The context America dropped Atomic or Nuclear bombs on two Japanese cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in 1945. Since then we have been living in an Age that is often called the Nuclear Age or the Atomic Age.

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Their rivalry was called the Cold War because it was not a war fought on a battlefield.Civil rights are the protections and privileges given to all citizens by law.Civil rights are rights given by nations to their citizens within their territorial boundaries.It was a war based on the conflict between two very different ideologies.Communism had become a popular ideology among poor people all over the world.Examples of civil rights and liberties include: When citizens in civil society find that their civil rights are not being granted, they may form civil rights movements to claim equal protection for all citizens.

They may also call for new laws to stop current discrimination.

For this section, it is important to understand the international background, and what the world was like in the 1960s.

This will help us contextualise the Black Consciousness Movement in South Africa in the 1970s.

Human rights, on the other hand, are rights that individuals have from birth.

In countries like South Africa, the United States and Europe, laws which guarantee civil rights are written down.

The UDHR helped motivate and encourage civil rights movements in many different countries.

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