Speed dating at the strand

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Speed dating at the strand

A winch, usually portable, with an un-grooved drum designed to assist in moving heavy loads.An operator wraps a rope around the drum and pulls to tighten the rope on the drum.

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Floor blocks meant for rope often incorporate a means of adjustment to accommodate changes in length due to loads or environmental conditions.It also serves as a safety railing for operators and other personnel.(1) An opening in the gridiron designed for the attachment of loft blocks so that lift lines can pass through it.Friction causes the rope to travel with the rotating drum.A rigger who has passed the "Entertainment Technician Certification Program" (etcp) exam and is recognized as competent to do rigging for a period of time.(v) The act of adding or removing weight from a set in order to achieve a balanced system.

A rope or cable that passes from a lifting device (arbor, winch, or person) over a block, to a block attached to the load, and tied off at the previous block, is double purchased.The system allows twice as much load to be raised for a given effort, but the rope or cable must be pulled twice as far, so total work done remains the same.This should be a failsafe, separately wired circuit in rigging control that stops any and all controlled machinery in an emergency.2) An opening in the gridiron designed so cables can pass through from blocks mounted above without rubbing against the opening.Electrical cable (borderlight cable) with multiple conductors that conducts electrical power to multiple circuit wire ways and boxes on the stage.A curtain that closes automatically in event of a fire to prevent heat, smoke and flames on the stage from reaching the audience.